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  1. Thanks, it never occurred to me to keep the lever depressed . . . learned something newπŸ˜„
  2. oh, maybe there ist something I haven't discovered yet? The only way I know to unload my M2 is by either cycling all shells through the action and ejecting them the traditional way which, however, involves the additional step of having to drop each additional shell manually onto the lifter and repeating the action until all shells are ejected through the ejection port. Alternatively, I push the loading gate/lifter upwards and depress the little carrier latch at the mouth of the magazine tube and holding it in with my index finger until the spring pushes all the shells out. But that could be a
  3. Hi fellas, Interesting to see someone picking up my thread 5 years after I started it. I think the confusion with the "cartridge drop lever" or the "red dot" lever on the Benellis is in part due to the fact that this option departs from the traditional operating modes of semi-auto shotguns. With the Benelli-Type actions (as well as many others like Stoeger, etc.) the gun reloads only when the action is cycled by pulling the trigger AND firing a live round. Just cycling the action does not drop the next cartridge on the lifter. You have to press the red drop-lever every time. This is a dep
  4. ok, after some days of thinking I decided to go with the M2 with choke options. The simpler recoil operated system and easier maintenance swayed me in that direction. I just hope it reliably cycles standard loads in the 3-4 dram range......
  5. Many thanks! Ammo sensitivity is an issue for me as I dont always have access to the ammo I want in my remote location. Will the M2 work with lighter 2 3/4" shells in the 3 dram range and also 3" magnum shells with around 4 drams? πŸ™„
  6. Hello all Around, In my search for a suitable semiautomatic shotgun for allround multiple purposes I have decided on a Benelli. Having said that, I am still undecided whether to get an M2 or M4. I need to use it for sports, shooting clay pigeons, pest control around my extensive property, occasional hunting, self defence and target practice. That pretty much sums it up. Any comments on the advantages/drawbacks, positive and negative aspects of the two in question? Any opinions out there? Your advice is much appreciated !
  7. Hi everyone! For years I have been shooting my M2 with all sorts of loads from 430 grains to 550 grains or more and shells from 2.5" to 3" magnum shells and all kinds of different manufacturers without ever a problem - my M2 eats almost everything but the very lightest of loads. I recently acquired a brand new Remington 11-87 police and was a bit disappointed at the reliability with the same ammo that works so flawlessly in my M2. There were feeding problems, failures to eject, shells getting stuck in the ejection port, etc,.. Now perhaps gas operated systems are a bit more ammo sens
  8. Thanks a lot for the inputs fellas. Now I understand the purpose and function of this lever. However, the position of the red dot on the lever is not exactly helping intuitive operation of the weapon. It does lead to wrong assumptions and it doesn't help to know that one should never assume things concerning weapons, especially their operation. IMHO, the lever would be understood better without the red dot for it would simply indicate that the hammer is cocked whenever the lever is visible.
  9. Ok, thanks, it does indeed do that. But now I am even more puzzled because until now I accomplished this function by simply pulling the trigger. In order to load the magazine you have to cock the gun by pulling back the bolt and release it by pushing the bolt release button. Only now the loading gate can be depressed so shells can be loaded into the tube. Once fully loaded you need only pull the trigger to release the first round from the magazine and then continue as you describe. The lever accomplishes the same thing (as I just found out by trying) but actually I really don't see the need fo
  10. Hi all around! Can anyone tell me what the red dot lever on the bottom side of the receiver above the trigger guard on my M2 is for and how to use it? Many thanks for the help.
  11. I already adjusted my stock the way I want it. The M2 comes with special shimmies to individually set cast and tilt. That's a good feature on the Benellis. Perhaps they should also supply some for the interface between barrel and receiver.....
  12. barrel looks pretty clean. sent about 350 shells, shot and slugs, through it and mechanically clean it after every use. Never really cleaned it chemically. Will do that now to rule out that problem. The slugs I use are: Gecco 2.6" competition slugs. @truckcop: checked the front sight and it's centered. I still have the strange feeling the problem lies elsewhere. Has anyone ever heard of improper barrel to receiver fit or problems in that area?
  13. Thanks Truckcop, 1. The discrepancy is not a shooters issue. I shot from a home made bench rest and one friend try it as well with always the same result - POI 4-5 inches to the left at 15 yards.. 2. I have the standard military ghost ring sights. I just fixed the problem yesterday by clicking the ghost ring as far as it would go to one side touching the side plate and then moved the front post a bit to the other side (which required tools). Now it is dead on at 15 yards. BUT: First of all, this looks damned awkward and second, I still feel there is something not right somewhere. Coul
  14. Hi all-around, Since my Benelli M2 consistently shoots left of POA with a wide selection of different slugs and manufacturers, I decided to roam through some forums in search of correcting the problem. Not only did I find that this was a common issue with a lot of folks - POI not equal to POA - but the most common solution offers was whacking the barrel against something like a tree or fencepost. So somehow, I thought I'm in the wrong movie until this "whacking" turned out to be quite a sport and accepted method to bend barrels in order to get them to shoot to point of aim. Are you folks
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