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  1. Ill take two if you have any left. Where did you get that wrench? 5mm correct?
  2. How do you like the blackbore choke? Is it a CR or MR? I am thinking about getting one for my M2 if/when they produce them. Why are you still using the factory mag tube with the limiter?
  3. Ill wait for your review before ordering one.
  4. Im thinking that I could also run the factory benelli clamp/sling swivel behind the BMT with the sling loop on the other side. Any problem with having two clamps causing more stress on the barrel/tube?
  5. MOD-C, BMT clamp or MT clamp? Did you get the one with the 3 rail slots and the sling swivel?
  6. Where is the best place to get a CDM mount and tape switch? I usually go to brownells because I get a nice discount. I have a couple of surefires a E2 Executive Elite with the LED and the G2. Ill have to check out the P60 series, thanks.
  7. I like that Nordic clamp setup alot and Nordic makes great stuff. I think I might get that and a X300 for my M2 tactical. I was thinking about the dedicated Surefire forend but the LED version is really expensive. Some say its like holding onto a pringles can. I really like the stock forend on the M2 Tactical and its rock solid too. The tape setup reminds me of this...
  8. Stompy

    True Grit Remake

    I was looking forward to this movie until I saw that it is PG-13. The 1st season of Walking Dead is over now too.
  9. Thanks. I purchased my M2 before my M4 and I know that alot of M2 owners have been waiting a REALLY long time for an extended tactical choke/muzzle device. This would be a game changer for the M2 world. There are alot of M2 owners that have been waiting for a product like this to arrive. As far as I know this would be the first ever and have total control over the M2 market for muzzle attachments.
  10. I will definatley get this for my M4. Any way to get the accessory choke in crio for my M2?
  11. I found a picture of Tinsel. Damn Canadians with their beady eyes and flapping heads.
  12. Its a 2 piece design. The screw in choke has threads that extend past the barrel and the muzzle device screws onto that. As far as I know there are no legal issues with installing muzzle brakes on shotguns at any level federal or state. It would be cool if there was a quick detach suppressor that would screw on the threads of that choke for some Zombie stealth kills and then I could go all "No Country for Old Men" on those damn Zombies. And make some of those chokes for the M2 also.
  13. Stompy

    Benelli MR1

    The anti-troll. Keep trolling and he will find you!
  14. Nice. Lots of great stuff out there for the M4, but where is all the M2 love? I still cant find a muzzle break or tactical choke for my M2.
  15. The show is pretty good so far. I have a feeling that its going to be more about character development and sympathy for the "walkers" than shooting zombies in the head in later episodes. I want more survival horror and wave after wave of zombies getting mowed down.
  16. Stompy

    M2 Front Sight

    Maybe I am doing something wrong here but I tried turning the nut with a wrench and it would neither tighten nor loosen. It was turning around on the screw but it wasnt going anywhere. The front sight is still loose and I cant get it to lock down or even get the sight to come off completely because the nut wont loosen of the screw?
  17. Stompy

    M2 Front Sight

    I have had my M2 Tactical (ghost ring sights) for 3 years now (a little over 1000 rounds) and I noticed the front sight has gotten a little loose and I can now move it from side to side. Should I use some blue loctite to lock it down? What is the prefered tool/wrench to use? I had it dialed in to hit gatorade bottles at 100 yards with slugs too.
  18. Stompy

    Urbino Stock

    Im holding out for the cheekriser + limbsaver version for the M4 and the limbsaver for the M2 tactical both in black. I might wait for Midway or Brownells to get them in stock because I get a discount with them, and will have to pay full price if ordering direct from Mesa.
  19. Any high quality USGI mags should work fine. C products have worked great for me. http://cproductsllc.com/AR_Magazines.html
  20. That SOCOM II looks like it weighs about 20lbs!
  21. Stompy

    BlackBore Chokes

    Any update on these? I still want a tactical choke for my M2.
  22. Exactly. Thats why I dont shoot paper anymore, unless its for rezeroing. I shoot bottles and clays most of the time. Shooting different sized objects at different ranges is alot more realistic and fun than punching holes in paper and it greatly improves speed, weapon handling ability and sight picture.
  23. Yes, its cheap, has the "groove" down the middle, is not mil spec and it will bend, break, and tear up quality mounts. If you want to mount any quality optics you need either the carrier comp or side armor rails.
  24. Let the rail battle begin: Carrier Comp vs. Side Armor. Who's is better?
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