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  1. I have one I'd be willing to let go. New condition. I bought 3 - one for my M4, modified the other to fit my M1 so I have an extra one that is just laying around. PM if interested. Tom
  2. I was in the same boat about a month ago... I didn't like anything on the market. I wanted a Carrier Comp handle for my M1 so bad that I made my own. I modified CC's M4 version to fit my M1. Took material off the shank. I am sure it took away from the integrity of the handle but whatever. Looks good, fits just fine, manual cycles fine, haven't shot it yet though.
  3. Does this thing even exist? Anyone have one installed on his M1? Pics?
  4. WTB: Design Concepts Bolt Handle for M1 Let me know what you have. Thanks.
  5. Does such a thing exist? I have a CC handle for my M4 and love it. I need​ one for my M1.
  6. Does anyone know if these knobs will fit an M1?
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