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  1. Or......you can just buy them in Canada. (the whole gun, that is). I bought mine with a 14" barrel and collapsible stock. I have since sold it to a northern bush pilot, though. To be honest, I had traded my collapsible buttstock for a Comfortech stock. (and since bought a 28" Max-4) Look up Al Simmons in Hamilton, or Al Flaherty's in Toronto. Both sell them. I believe they are illegal on several counts in the USA. In Canada I walked in, paid, and walked out with my SNT14....easy! Maybe Stoeger/Beretta/Benelli in Whitby, Ontario can sell you the CS by itself. Good luck
  2. Ended up selling the whole gun and bought the Max-4 Camo version. Fits my needs better and the whole apocalypse thing didn't pan out either. Didn't see even ONE zombie. On the other hand, my clay scores went up appreciably!
  3. I bought a Supernova with a 14" barrel and collapsible stock. I'm in Canada and we can buy such a gun right off the shelf. I removed the pistolgrip and collapsible and traded it with a nice gentleman from NJ. I put his Comfortech on mine. I liked the Comfortech better, but I used the gun for hunting! I found the CS to be of no use to me. I live in a big city where there are little to no home invasions in my area. We don't have pistols in our nightstands or shotguns in the corner...but I digress. The Comfortech option felt and looked better to me. Apparently, I could have go
  4. Gotcha. The shipping part is no problem as I live very near the US/Cdn border. Probably just drive it over and USPS it. I dont even think they're sold in the States. Our gun laws are so vastly different. I can ONLY fire my handguns on an approved range, yet I can buy a SBS over the counter and walk out 5 minutes later with it....and HUNT with it, too. All shotguns are treated the same (with the exception of modified, total under 26") Im going to work on some collapsible stocks. They seem to be quite sought after in the US. No legalities over here regarding them.
  5. I am in Canada and have a Supernova with a 14" barrel. I've got it for sale somewhere on this forum.....but, I was wondering if it is worth selling the barrel alone and getting a longer one for myself. It's the one with the ghost ring sights. Is there a market in th US for 14" barrels and what would this be worth? I might be ble to get a few of them. Also, I'll see if I can get some collapsible stocks. People seem to want them. I had one but traded it for a Comfortech, which is much better for hunting. If selling my '14 incher' to an American is illegal, then please tell me.
  6. Benelli Supernova Tactical 14" ZOMBIE HUNTER ************** THIS GUN IS IN ONTARIO, CANADA. *************** UPDATED with a factory Benelli COMFORTECH stock. It is great for hunting and HD. Comes with the 14" barrel, good for thick brush or CQB. Very compact. GHOST RING SIGHT and FRONT WINGED POST Great for deer or close in grouse, rabbit, sasquatch. This 12 gauge shotgun is TOTALLY LEGAL for hunting. This gun is LOUD and throws a nice fireball (due to short barrel). See photo! Has a Picatinny rail to mount a scope or Eotech.
  7. I have a Supernova Tactical, with a factory rail. I had my Eotech on it briefly and it fit fine. I'd assume he M4 rail would be the same specs/fit.
  8. Your welcome Dov! I really like the Comfortech. It meets my needs better than the collapsible and it was exactly as you described. Really nice to deal with you and I appreciate the very smooth transaction. Let me know next time you're around Toronto/Niagara area. Karl (Urban Sherpa)
  9. Saw a brand new one at Buffalo Gun Center last week for $125 or $150.
  10. Thanks for your quick answer. I guess the Comfortech is easy to install on my gun?
  11. I took the buttstock off after discovering the hex needed to be backed out. I then reinstalled the hex as I am giving it to another forum member. He's giving me his Comfortech in return. It is more in keeping with my needs. I didn't realize until reading posts here how 'in demand' the collapsible stock is in the USA. (I live in Canuckistan). Over this side of the border the gun laws are different.....some better, and some worse. A collapsible stock on my 14" barrel SG is not a problem. I put the money down and walk out 5 minutes later. We are both getting a great deal!
  12. I have traded Supernova stocks with 'xchief30'. (very nice guy to talk to, BTW). He has a Comfortech. I have a collapsible with pistol grip. After removing his stock he found that there is a shiny (stainless steel) bit on the end of the buttstock rod. I've removed mine and there is NO shiny bit on the end of the guns rod (I'm trying to be careful with my wording here, hahaha). Can anyone advise as to whether, or not the Comfortech stock is 'switchable' with the collapsible stock? We hope so, and I'm sure it must be. Also, what does that shiny knob thing do? Does xchief
  13. Thanks for the advise, I wasn't about to hammer a Benelli backwards to get the stock off. Turns out there is a hex screw within the buttstock. I took it out and things went much easier. Honestly, after seeing that hex screw I don't think a mallet would have made a difference. Thanks for the advise, though.
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