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  1. So you get a LEO or government friend to provide paperwork that falsifies the purpose of the telescopic stock? (I'm assuming they will need to state it's for official government/LEO business)
  2. As a member of this forum for the past two years, I have seen people offer to sell them for various amounts, never for 150. And no, I don't have friends in law enforcement, I went the military route.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I'm assuming this is still, technically, outside 922r, as you have to replace several other parts to fall within it's "legality"? Even if I had a fixed stock shotgun and replaced the mag tube with a U.S. made one, it's my understanding you still have to replace like three other parts? Not that I really give a rat's right hind leg, I'm simply curious.
  4. Does it look pretty good on yours, the color seems to be a bit off if the product on the top left is the one you're referring to? EDIT: Also, as new as I am to M4's, I noticed you actually have to heat the portion of the receiver where the mag tube fits in, correct? Is there a possibility of damaging the gun this way? I would give my left testicle before I scarred by Benelli. Why don't more people simply buy the factory Benelli extension that screws on the end of the existing one? 922r compliance?
  5. http://freedomfightertactical.com/products-page/magazine-tubes/the-freedom-fighter-tactical-922r-compliant-full-length-finished-titanium-magazine-tube-for-benelli-m4-shotgun/ THIS looks awesome... Anyone have one?
  6. I've searched these forums a bit, and after all the helpful input I received, I was wondering what the general consensus (if there was one) was on the best mag tube extension for my newly modified M4, and also what a good shell holder would be. I would prefer a holder that I don't have to drill or modifiy my M4 with, maybe even a cloth one that would stretch over my collapsible stock, if that's feasible. I'm not looking at getting a rail system on my M4, as those seem a bit ridiculous to me (just my humble opinion) so the shell holders I've seen that include those I'm not to fond of. EDIT
  7. Awesome, I sure hope I'm satisfied after paying such a high price for some telescoping plastic
  8. I purchased this stock direct from the company, Southwest Custom Firearms. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=225924186#PIC After purchasing it, I noticed there were no pics of the Benelli box, or even a picture of the "Benelli" on the bottom of the shoulder rest. Does this look legit to you all? Also, I purchased it on Friday, but they still haven't taken the auction down on the website, is that normal? I'm a little new to purchasing gun parts on the web, so I'm a little nervous. Thanks for your help!
  9. Bought it over the phone for 575... Wish I could have gotten a better price, but I guess it won't depreciate much!
  10. I'm looking for an original M4 Benelli telescoping stock, if anyone has one/knows where to find one, I'd be much obliged!
  11. 1811, you have a 11707 and you say it was a fairly simple process?
  12. I sent you a couple of PM's, but they don't show in my sent items. Let me know if you got them.
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