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  1. The first thought that came to my mind was the recoil spring. However before you do that, you could ensure that the bolt carrier rails are thoroughly lubricated. Also have you dismantled the bolt and lubricated that too?
  2. Also as your shotgun did not come crimped from the factory, it will need to be sent to a proof house. The most convenient process is to ship the shotgun to a local Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD) in the UK and they will crimp it and get it proofed.
  3. To my knowledge there is no such thing as a UK spec tube. It is just a normal tube which has been crimped. Remember the tube which needs to be crimped is the one attached to the shotgun; not the extended tube.
  4. Tightining the screw is all that is required; I put loctite on mine as well. It has stayed strong after 2 years of practical shotguning. Thanks
  5. Have you lot looked at the tti bolt knob, I have one on my m2 and it is great!
  6. Looking for a used one in good condition, do not want to pay the brand new price. Thanks
  7. Got to disagree with you; when I order something I want it asap. If a company makes all of the products in-house and they do not expand because it may effect quality control then fair enough; I do not think this is the case with your M4 parts or the Supernova. I may be wrong.
  8. Tear itself up? How many rounds have you put through it? I have put 2k+ on my m2 and it looks identical to yours, am I happy with it; no but I would call that wear and tear. It is a pretty firearm but it is still a firearm, what if it was a car, would you be complaining about the stone chips? You can consider my views as a rant or you can consider it as putting things into perspective. Many thanks Shez
  9. Hmm its a tricky one, I know the feeling; when a person cannot rely on the tool.
  10. Have you let others shoot your gun; maybe you are not good with this gun? How are you shooting the gun; on a stand, bench rest? It could be the gun or it could be you; have you explored all scenarios. I hope it gets fixed.
  11. M7jnu

    New M2

    You can go this route but it will cost you as already mentioned or you can buy a truglo shotgun universal sight with rear ghost ring which attaches to the vent rib! With a normal bead sight I could not hit anything (practical shotgun) as I had a raised stock and I did not get a true sight picture, now that these sights are fully adjustable I can hit targets dead on! Simular to this: www.opticsplanet.com/truglo-tru-bead-turkey-universal-dual-color-sight-tg950xd.html
  12. M7jnu

    Limp shoulder?

    Maybe the gun needs to be ran in using heavy loads for a while then it will work fine with lighter loads?
  13. I do not know why people frown upon it. I am more of a use what you want kind of guy. Although it would be funny if someone was hunting game but they looked like they are going to war (tactical looking).
  14. Just brute force, I did not use a heat gun. There is a hole at the end of the tube (butt side) and I put a screw driver in there to help me turn it. The old fake recoil spring tube and the screw driver were destroyed. However you will not have this problem with the new tube as its outside diameter is in a square shape, rather than a circle; so you can use a spanner to tighten or untighten it. As my gun is a field model with a vent rib, it was shooting too high with the new stock as I did not get a proper cheek weld. To overcome this I installed the truglo turkey/ghost ring sight. Now
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