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  1. Thats a very long time to wait...i will try to look for another...so far the gg&g were the one im looking at, but i see some reviews the the knob get loose and falls off because of the recoil.
  2. I haven't seen that.i look into it.thank you.
  3. Thanks mike...that helps.coz i was searching for knobs and so far cc bolt knob was more of the choice of the guys replacing the knob.
  4. Ok, thanks pcklst.i thought they dont make them anymore.btw how much was it?
  5. Hi guys,im new here and with the shotgun.i just bought an m4 coz of all the shotguns i compared it with, i still go back and really wanted the m4 so i decided to get it...like they said "buy once, cry once".just wondering if i can still get the carriercomp bolt knob?im getting the "dg" tube kit but was trying to wait for kips reply if they will have the bolt knob too,so i can order it together.i have emailed them 3x but no reply yet.i have read some other guys have it but its not on the website right now.thanks in advance.
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