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  1. skippy

    Returning to the UK

    Laws are very strict. Shotgun license (which I have) allows semi autos with max 2+1 shells. Any other semi auto requires a special firearms license which is an absolute nightmare to get (police visits, interviews, references, doctor's report and a good reason to own one) Needs to be a permanent alteration, that is, not reversible In the UK the tubes are made to UK spec. Any idea where I might get a UK spec tube i the USA?
  2. Hi I am a UK citizen who visits the USA for approx 6 months each year and has firearms of all types in the USA. I have a benelli Supersport which I would like to take back to the UK. Unfortunately in the UK semi-auto shotguns are limited by law to a maximum capacity of 2 cartridges in the tube plus 1 in the barrel, 3 shells in total. (unless you have a firearms (as against just a shotgun) license with special amendments for multi round shotguns). This is checked by customs officials on the way in and added to my registered shotgun certificate list at the same time (ALL fireams are registered and licensed in the UK) The amendment to the capacity needs to be permanent Can I buy a replacement tube in the USA which would restrict rather than extend the cartridge capacity? Thanks
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