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  1. I colored the existing nicks and shot 100 new AA Trap loads then did the same thing with 100 Remington shells. The color was disturbed and new nicks appeared in both cases. Look guys this ain't paint chips on my car nor am I going to take a file and sandpaper to my nickel plating. As far as getting over it............I'm there. I mean what else can I do, you saw Benelli's response. Pretty much closes the door. Right? Only thing is.........I'll show and tell everyone that asks........wonder how many guys'll go spend $2000+ after I run into em?
  2. I wouldn't think Benelli would "intend" for the shells to hit the receiver upon ejection. Paid a lot of money for this autoloader and didn't expect it to tear itself up. I have tried other shells, AA, Remington and others............same result. Also have a FTF issue of about 5 rounds in 100. Shells seem to stall at about 1/2 ramp elevation. Sorry guys, I know you love your Benelli's but this gun and Benelli's response have been a great disappointment to me. I didn't expect them to replace anything at this point. I did expect them to acknowledge a problem and leave the door open for repairs
  3. Sent my Ethos back to Benelli, they said this "is normal wear and tear" and that the gun "is functioning as intended." What do you guys think???
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