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  1. Never got a reply. Any updates? I think they're releasing them this month. They finally posted a pdf file on their website as to how this stock installs: http://www.atigunstocks.com/img/cms/A.1.10.1431.pdf
  2. ATIgunstocks, How does this stock install? Does your stock use an entirely different receiver extension or does your extension install over the current one?
  3. themao

    New FFT Stuff

    I already have a Geiselle hammer, so I purchased a few months back FFT's disconnector and trigger. I had no problems shooting 100 birdshot rounds at a skeet range. The combined system produces a notably smoother trigger pull, and I like the NP3 color on the trigger. Thus far, no problems with my FFT trigger or disconnector in conjuction with a Geiselle hammer purchased through Carrier Comp.
  4. I'd like to know as well. Any recs on the Sidearmor short rail vs. full length rail. I've tried a B&T handguard and hated it. I don't like the way it secures to the barrel and handguard retainer; likewise Kip's picatinny rail won't work with it.
  5. themao

    New FFT Stuff

    Great info StrangerDanger, as always. Quick question, how are you mounting that light on your Benelli M4 these days? I see you ditched the Surefire handguard. I wonder where I can get a collapsible stock for a reasonable price. I still haven't tried the standard stock yet due to the weather and work. Thanks!
  6. No more than a few business days as I live in Indiana and DSA is in IL. It did take them the majority of the time just to ship it though; it only took UPS one day to deliver it to Indy from N. IL by ground though.
  7. I just got my B&T rail today. It looks nice and the way it sits in your hand is nice as well. My only concern is how it locks up against the barrel. There is a single clamp that mates the barrel to the handguard, in addition to the handguard retainer. If I place a light and a sling mount, I'm just concerned I'll place to much stress on the handguard retainer. Is this a valid concern or am I paranoid? I'm not so sure the barrel clamp stays on the barrel fairly well now that I've played with a little bit.
  8. Sorry. I missed your post. I didn't know a disconnector was available yet. I know he's selling the hammer now: http://shop.carriercomp.com/product.sc?productId=15&categoryId=5 Geissele makes it. A disconnector would be nice to push the part count back around 4 if I go with a foreign made handguard again. Never can be to safe I guess.
  9. Just for anyone else looking at this post, use snap ring pliers: http://www.sears.com/craftsman-snap-ring-pliers/p-00945358000P Just note that most tips will break when trying to take off the retainer
  10. I'm thinking you and StrangerDanger are right. I was just worried about how durable the 3gungear velcro system is. Granted, I'm not taking the gun into harms way, but I may take it to Gunsite for their shotgun class some day or a Magpul class if they ever come back to Indiana. The Surefire X300 is awesome. After taking Larry Vicker's carbine class, it's exactly what I'm running on my M4 carbine in conjunction with a DD 12" FSP Lite handguard with the Surefire on top in front of the sight post. It's the best way to mount a light for the carbine. I wish Surefire would could out with a set of handguards with an integrated light and accessory rail for a sling and 2 shell pack. For handguards, I'm leaning towards the B&T, and I can install it since I will still have a US made mag follower, hammer and magazine tube. Looking at photos online, I like the B&T because it looks like it will be easy to add that 2 shell forward facing holder on the right and a sling mount on the left. I'm going to install a standard stock that I just got late last week and shoot it this weekend to see if I like it better than the pistol grip stock. Thanks guys
  11. Thanks for the replies guys. StrangerDanger - What don't you like about the Urbino stock with the riser? I agree that a higher cheek weld is needed for using an Aimpoint with this platform, but I'm not a fan of the collapsible stock Benelli sells. A guy at my gun club has one, and I've shot it. I really wish I could throw a comfort tech stock off of a Supersport on the M4. I just got my standard stock in the mail and I'm going to try that first before I make a decision; I just like the way the traditional stock handles on a shotgun for some reason. It's probably from shooting trap and skeet all the time when I was growing up. As far as handguards are concerned, I was concerned about the way a light sits depending on what mount you use for either the Surefire, B&T or Sidearmor rail systems. I do like the FFT handguards since they're the most ergonomic, but I do need a way to mount a light and a sling better. Has anyone had a problem with the 3 gungear side saddles in terms of durability? Does the velcro backing eventually peel off of the receiver and if so, how long do they last before that occurs? Thanks!
  12. Hi all. I bought a M4 a few months ago, and I have already installed the 922R compliant parts including a Ti Carriercomp magazine tube + follower + hammer and a FFT handguard. Likewise, I'm experimenting between a pistol grip stock and std factory stock for now. My questions concern the following, and I would advice from those with experience: 1. Side saddles/Pictinny Rail: I was eyeballing Sidearmor's Mod2 system, complete with a 6 or 8 shell carrier. I like the set up because it provides a secure pictinny rail mounting location for their forward shell holder on the right side, a light on the left and a secure means to mount an Aimpoint T1. Likewise, I could attach the forward mount for a sling on the rail on the left. However, I've read on the web that some people have had issues with the rail screws that thread into the receiver. Also, some say the rail is out of spec as it is higher up than usual. I find I can line up the ghost rings perfect when I obtain an appropriate cheek weld, so that concerns me. I rather not buy an Urbino stock with a riser if I can help it as I like the LOP of the factory stock (for my body at least). Another issue I see with the Sidearmor system is disassembly. I'm under the impression that the rail system has to be removed in order to disassemble the shotgun. Is that correct? Regardless, are there any other alternatives besides Mesa Tactical? The Mesa wouldn't allow me to put a forward shell holder and a light on the same rail system. 2. Slings: Right now I have a Vickers 2 point sling mounted to the fore-end cap (facing to the left) and the rear of the stock. However, it just doesn't fit as well as the set up on my M4 carbine (also a Vickers two point mounted to a DD Lite 12 FSP rail and Magpul stock at the rear), and I think it's because the forward part of the sling is to far up when compared to a M4 carbine. I think the Side armor rail could help me solve this problem by moving the forward point back a little, but I wanted some opinions on this issue from those with trigger time behind a M4. I'm a little brainwashed towards a two point sling courtesy of a Vickers class, but I'm open to different ideas as a shotgun is a little different from a carbine. I guess in a brief summary, I really want a way to: 1. Have the option of mounting an Aimpoint T1 with a low LaRue mount 2. mount a Surefire light. 3. Mount a shell carrier (6-8 shells) 4. Mount a good two point sling 5. Mount a forward facing two shell carrier for slugs or emergency reloads Thoughts? Thanks and sorry for the long post.
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