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  1. LMAO!!! that is funny
  2. I went with a trulock tactical choke and it works great.
  3. While I can not find the episode online I did see them do a torute test on the tv of the m4. It concluded with a 20 gauge shell being loaded first and then a 12 gauge shell being loaded and fired and the gun worked with out a issue. One of the reasons why I purchased mine. Not sure if it was guns andammo or one of the other shows that did it. Which ever one has the big guy in a lab coat testing/torturing new guns.
  4. BilleeDee

    WTB Benelli m4

    That would be China not "The Nam..."
  5. Will you be having any Charging Handles ready soon? Prefer the black one.
  6. Nice and thx. How or where did you get that camo pattern on the m4 it rox's.
  7. Can you post a pic? Does the Eotech ride ok on the m4 and did you replace your rail? I have yet to decide on an optic but it is the last peace to my m4.
  8. At least American Guns has a hot blonde; I have to admit I liked SoG until they turned it into the bachelorette for a crooked toothed bayou nag. Great pic btw, did she just get hit with a Benelli stock or is that her natural allure? She looks like Marilyn Manson trying to wake up from a hard night of man lovin'.
  9. Nice choice in guns, I have the same USP and love my Benneli. In a world of compromise some don't.
  10. BilleeDee

    Surefire M80

    Opticsplanet is the cheapest place I know of for this rail and they have free shipping. Don't forget to use a online coupon.
  11. I sometimes clean and let critical parts stay wet over night and then clean again prior to reassembly to help break up gunk and reduce patch waste.
  12. I have heard great things about federal flite control. Hornady Critical Defence and Zombie Max, which are the same round do well up 25 yards in mine. I shot at a antifreeze jug 100 yards and while no direct hits I would not have been happy to be where the jug was. The pro to these hornady rounds is the 1600fps velocity, draw back is it is 8 double 0 slugs. I am happy with the round over all.
  13. I have not had any problems with FTE or FTF in my M4 using 2 3/4'' #7 shot until last weekend I was shooting some old #8 with a few FTF. I then ran some Zombie Max 00 with no problems. I attribute this to the bolt not being well lubed. Miltec and away I go for a new box of cheaper bird shot just to warm up the miltec. Lube is your friend for sure along with all the other comments to take into consideration. But with a dry bolt things are harder moving.
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