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  1. Well, it already had the correct hangaurds, I had recently purchased the CL barrel from a member here.
  2. Well, Benelli replaced the barrel with another CL Barrel, but this one has the ledge on the rear specifically for the non-M1014 models (it takes up the space under the handgaurds). The barrel the replaced it with was "used," but it looked like it was at most a new blem, as it had a ding close to the crown, but all factory parkerizing was impecable (even in the ding), and the bore/pistons looked as though they had only been test fired. They said that the barrel I had with the damage was a very old model.
  3. I could see both sides, but its definately a problem with their barrel, i.e., me putting that barrel on my 11721 did not, IMHO, cause that damage.
  4. Yea it was making me wonder if I should call Benelli, and/or disassemble and clean the gas plugs.
  5. I'll grab some pictures in a bit. No skirt. On an 11721 which came with a skirted barrel. The damage is similar but less advanced than OP's bashing at the piston relief cuts.
  6. I'm also curious about this. I have developed similar wear on a chrome lined barrel I recently purchased.
  7. Barrel was as pictured. Good price and fast shipping.
  8. Sold to stranger danger, the 1st to reply.
  9. I no longer have a use for this. Save yourself the long wait. Used. DG Parkerized. $100 shipped USPS to your location in the continental USA. Check or money order only please. Email me lsutter at g dot clemson dot edu. Replace the at and dot's appropriately. The scratches are normal from being assembled and shot. Your handgaurds should cover them up. The tube external from the handgaurds looks great (ie it will look fine when you put it all together).
  10. Well you are missing a Benelli factory stock, but aside from that, no, not that I am aware of. I guess you need 922r parts, but those don't cost that much. As to the extension, you could just buy a carrier comp tube without the finish and maybe not have to wait as long instead of a tube extension- that is what I would do. Are you set on an NP3 coat? I have 2 POFs. I like them. I like NP3, but I don't really see the need to get my Benelli coated in it. Up to you of course. If I kept my Benelli on a boat or similar environment, I'd NP3 it for sure.
  11. Well you could send it to Robar and get it NP3 coated.
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