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  1. Thank you guys. I did send the weapon to customer service. Strange, as Benelli is not aware of any design changes over the years. However, my other M4 looks exactly as yours, NoTycoon (pic attached) regards
  2. Dear forum members, one of my two M4 Shotguns is showing significant abrasions on the barrel where the pistons are moving. (see pictures below). Furthermore piston protruding about 7mm out of the tube as compared to to other one. Both guns have a round count of about 400, mostly slugs. Production date is 2003, 14" version, 2 barrel port holes. Both guns differ in the design in that area, is somebody aware of a major technical change during the years? Thank you for your help, regards - hkgermany
  3. Dear Forum members, When comparing my two M4s, the short barreled versions (from 2003, 2port barrels, I checked it) displays some significant wear in the piston area, like if the pistons are cutting into the metal on the barrel side. Round count is about 350-400 slugs. Furthermore, both pistons are protruding approx. 5mm out of the piston tube (see pictures) My question: Is this normal? Did anybody else experience similar things? My newer M4 looks a bit different in that area (I think they changed the designs over the years) with no signs of wear. I would be great If anybody has experi
  4. Hi, I'm also from europe and would like to order the sidearmor rail for the m4 as well . Can anybody tell me how to get it? Not from their website I guess as it is an ITAR product. Thanks in advance. Regards from Germany, John
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