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  1. Lexusf

    benelli m4 sale

    i am doing this for the guys here in benelli forum only
  2. Lexusf


    ^^^did you heat it?
  3. I looked at my records and i got this for 400 not 500! So i will adjust to 400 shipped!
  4. You can use your factory spring mine works fine. you dont need any other parts
  5. ok I dont want to be the one people say is on crack! lol!
  6. Please help me if price is high.
  7. Selling my Benelli M4 C-Stock like new putting old one back on. $400 Shipped. Firm on price discrete paypal gift or add 4%. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1998[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1997[/ATTACH]
  8. your making me want a second!!!!! Nice setup!
  9. if you have ever owned pro mag stuff you know quality sucks!
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