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  1. 69 years ago, a lot of young men died for us in Europe. Thanks to all these guys. My grand mother, who was living near Bastogne, always told me that the day she saw all these tall American GI's was the most beautiful day of her life. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2164[/ATTACH]
  2. Nice pair XD buddy. ^^
  3. Hey guys, here's an upgrade of one of my M4. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2130[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]2131[/ATTACH]
  4. Other pics. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1909[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]1910[/ATTACH] Family pic. XD [ATTACH=CONFIG]1911[/ATTACH]
  5. Thanks guys! I am really in love with that brand.
  6. Hey guys, I've been a very good boy this year, and Santa Claus brought me my brand new Benelli M4 14" barrel in advance. XD [ATTACH=CONFIG]1805[/ATTACH] Here with my second Benelli. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1806[/ATTACH] I love them.
  7. Try to use something longer than the charging handle as you said. Never heard this problem before. Dumb question: are you sure you're unscrewing CCW?
  8. Hi, just unscew them with charging handle, than pull them. Don't be afraid to use force to pull them.
  9. I am using one Spec Ops Master Blaster. http://www.specopsbrand.com/tactical-gear/slings/master-blaster-standard-universal.html
  10. THX guys. Yes Hookster, I am. My left hand is just behind it.
  11. Hey guys, here's the evolution of my big baby: FFT Titanium Black Charging Handle Elzetta Flashlight mount Surefire 6P SpecOps Master Blaster Sling I love it.
  12. Sir, you can get it on GearZoneProducts.com Best regards.
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