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  1. M4Whore

    M4 Section

    Hello long time users, it's been awhile since my last visit. Has the "M4 Specific Section" been removed, or am I missing something? Thanks...
  2. Rifled slugs are to be used in smooth bore shotguns, you could add a rifled choke tube but that is not necessary. Modified (.20”), is the most constrictive choke you should use with slugs, and never use a FULL choke. You can go larger diameter ie; Light Modified (.15”), Improved Cylinder (.10”), Skeet (.005”) or Cylinder Bore (.000”). Sabot rounds are for FULLY rifles barrels, which the Benelli M4 is not. Also check you choke tube often and make sure it is tight! Remove and clean often and make sure you use a light grease or an anti seize lubricant on the threads so the choke tube won’t seize up. Some shooters have a problem with the choke tube loosening up quite often and the anti seize or a small amount of Teflon tape will help with that. As far as accuracy goes, each barrel/gun combination likes what it likes. Try different brands of ammo and see what your weapon happy… http://www.briley.com/boresizesandconstrictions.aspx
  3. Did you shoot it in that condition???
  4. In days of old, HIGH brass meant HIGH power. Not so much today. Regardless of whether you shoot HIGH or LOW brass, what you should be looking at is the Velocity aka FPS. Fiocchi makes an inexpensive HIGH brass 00 Buck with a velocity of only 1150FPS which turns my M4 into a single shot. Any LOW/HIGH brass shell with a velocity of 1220FPS or higher should make your SG 100% functional. At least this has been my experience with mine.
  5. I have the same "notch" on my bolt. No problem GLoading my 2012 M4
  6. @JHarrisM6A3, did you mean (2 ¾”) length shell instead of “Dram”? Dram was originally both a coin and a weight in ancient Greece, and refers to both mass and a unit of volume in the apothecaries' system. The term "Dram" was used as a measure of the powder charge in a shotgun shell, representing the equivalent of black powder in drams avoirdupois, although you can still find it on each box of shells, it has a much different meaning today. What you really should be looking at is the “FPS/Feet Per Second” which should be 1200FPS or higher. Congrats on your new gun and I hope it has a short break in period.
  7. Collapsible or folding stock on a semi-auto shotgun is a NO GO in California!!!
  8. DoctorX, to answer your question, I prefer the 1oz load when shooting Remington (rifled) Slugs. Try different brands to see what your barrel likes best... Brenneke's (rifled) are good as are Federal Truball (rifled) and Winchester Super X (rifled). @ Sukhoi_fan, my understanding is that rifled slugs are for smooth bores and sabots are for fully rifled barrels.
  9. Congrats black_dog for the win. Thanks heckler&kochp2000 for the chance at your drawing!!!
  10. I am currently using their barrel clamp but as of yet, have not removed it. You can always put tape on the inside of the clamp to protect the barrel or chalk it up to being a tool. Good product though...
  11. @truckcop. It’s a “what if” question… What if your actually in a situation where you absolutely had to use it as a defensive weapon, say fly fishing in Alaska when a Kodiak Bear charges and unbeknownst to you the bolt handle has fallen off in the Willows somewhere between camp and you? I really don’t want to shoot without it but like I say, it’s a “what if” question as opposed to an Oh Darn exclamation, and knowing the answer would be nice.
  12. Can you fire the M4 without the bolt handle installed? Obviously it can be done for the first shot but can you continue “SAFELY” without it or will it cause damage to the gun?
  13. The “Dram” is not what you can rely on. Try shells with a minimum velocity of 1290 fps or more. Winchester AA, Remington STS both load 12 GA 2 ¾” shells with 7 ½, 8 & 9 shot with those velocities. Or the heavier stuff like: Winchester Super X Game & Target 1325 fps. Remington Express Long Range Remington Nitro Magnum 3” Max 1 7/8oz. Fiocchi Golden Pheasant Federal Upland Load While these rounds cost quite a bit more than the low end target rounds, they will help break in your new shotgun and hopefully allow it to digest the cheaper ones later. Good Luck!
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