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  1. I had not seen the Blam1 before. Thanks for pointing that out. It looks very lightweight and compact. My stock sling swivel has some play in it. I suspect that the Blam1 does also. That would not be a problem for a light only but I would like to mount a laser also. I wonder if it could be secured to the forend to eliminate the play? I suppose that any solution will have some play and may move around due to recoil. The laser installation makes the problem more difficult.
  2. I want to mount a weaponlight and laser that can be controlled by a single pressure pad switch on my Benelli M1 Super 90 with factory extended magazine. This will be used for close range and low light. My best idea so far is to use either a CDM Gear BMT with 3 slot Picatinny Rail or a Mesa Tactical Shotgun Barrel Clamp with 2" Picatinny Rail and then mount a Surefire X400 on the short rail. I plan to find the weight of all components and securely tape an equal weight to the forend of my gun and do some testing before buying anything. Has anyone done anything like this? Does an
  3. I decided to try a Limbsaver 10403. This is apparently a new pad that is designed for "Benelli M1 Tactical and SBE". It is not shown on the Limbsaver website yet but a few online vendors have it in stock. I know that if I add weight to my M1, recoil is reduced but the inertia operated system becomes less reliable. It seems to me that a softer butt pad will actually allow the gun to recoil slightly more, but the recoil will feel softer on my shoulder since it will be spread out slightly in time and in area. I will try it and see what happens. In the past, I have never had any feed
  4. I have a right shoulder injury that may be permanent after being hit by a car. So, I would like to reduce the felt recoil in my Benelli M1 Super90 (HK, with pistol grip) when I shoot slugs and buckshot. It looks to me like I have 2 options: 1) Replace the factory stock with Mesa Tactical Urbino Tactical Stock System with Limbsaver recoil pad. It is my understanding that that this is made for an M2 but will fit an M1, but not perfectly, leaving the lower edges of the receiver uncovered. I will need to do some filling with epoxy if I want the new stock to fit the receiver closely. L
  5. Thanks for the help. I think that the RMR is the way to go because of the low height and low weight. I will have to find someone to drill and tap, that is not something that I would try on my M1. Salient Arms is very near where I live but I don't know if they would be interested in this. If they are, then I am set to go.
  6. Interesting. What rail are you using for your RMR? Was your M1 already drilled and tapped (mine is not)? If not, is there anything I should know when I have that done? I was thinking about the adjustable LED, but I am just starting to investigate. I wonder how well the dual illumination RMR would work in the following scenario: Completely dark area except for the target being illuminated by my weaponlight. Would the tritium be bright enough that the weaponlight doesn't wash it out? I like the idea of no batteries. I would be very interested to know if the added weight of your
  7. I have a 1993 Benelli M1 Super90 Defense (with Surefire weaponlight) that has always worked flawlessly for me. I would like to mount a red dot sight for better aiming at night, but I am concerned about how that will affect reliability. I know that I need to keep it lightweight to avoid reliability problems, so I am considering either an Aimpoint Micro T-1 or Trijicon RMR. If weight wasn't an issue I would go with an Eotech XPS-3. The Burris Speedbead mounts closer to my eye than I would like. Eotech XPS-3 : 227 grams Aimpoint Micro T-1: 105 grams Trijicon RMR: 34 grams
  8. I have had an M1 super 90 for about fourteen years and never had a problem with it. I would like to assemble a spare parts kit for it in case I do have a problem someday. What parts should I include? What parts have broken for other owners? Is there a good online source for Benelli parts? Thanks for the help.
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