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  1. ShootingSight makes a hammer to get you one 922R compliant part. www.shootingsight.com S7 rolled plate tool steel that is wire EDM cut, then NiB coated for smoothness and wear resistance.
  2. No update. I would not hold my breath. In looking at the basic geometry - ie where they put the pivot pins, I do not see a way to make the trigger significantly better. Since there are other less expensive 922R parts out there to get to the required count, I'm just going to stick with the hammer for now. Sorry.
  3. Are you pulling off some other stock option?
  4. The follower in the magazine tube is a cheap and easy part to replace.
  5. I have not shot bird shot with the M4, but I presume if I go out and shoot clays, it will cycle OK?
  6. Just looking at the pictures, the replacement disconnector visually seems to sit further forward. Get an Amazon set of shim gages Shim gage, and figure out how thick a shim you need to fit between the disconnector and the trigger housing to get it to work correctly. Then, cut a thin piece of that shim and silver solder it on to the front of the disconnector. I get it that when you buy something, you want it to work out of the box, but between being unable to identify which part is faulty, plus with no replacements being available, plus the vendor taking the attitude that you have to
  7. Booth 3657, in with Gear Head Works.
  8. I need to stop by the Holosun booth anyhow. Maybe we'll cross paths.
  9. What are you exhibiting? I'll be there with a booth, but this year I'm thinking about scaling back the booth, so I can spend time seeing the show, rather than managing the booth.
  10. ShootingSight.com is making them now. EDM cut S7, with NiB coating. A whole lot less than 1700, and including free shipping.
  11. I'd make that option 2 - looks to be a spinner.
  12. Must be a burr in the pin hole on mine, because it looks like the hole is smaller on the inside than the outside. If it is supposed to be a straight hole, then you can just drive the pin inwards. In thinking about it, one way would be to permanently fix the detent. You would slot the tip of the handle, so you insert, then rotate it to lock in place. You would then need some sort of releasable anti-rotate concept on the handle end.
  13. Dammit! I got my hands full, and here you go throwing me a challenge that I'm thinking about .... plungers with detent balls exist down to 1/4" easily. I'll need to look if there are smaller. If you get rid of the factory detent and just leave the hole, it might work. However getting the factory detent out might be a challenge. Looks to be a blind hole. Near term, I might make several of each to send out for testing.
  14. I'm designing a replacement charging handle for the Benelli M4. I'm not in love with Beretta's tri-cut indent on the tip that holds it in. It allows the handle to fall somewhere between a spinner, and a non-rotating charging handle as it has 'bumps' in the rotation. But if you over rotate it, or get it between bumps, it can start walking out on you. So I'm curious to hear, who likes: 1. Benelli design as-is, where a part-rotation makes disassembly easy. 2. A free rotating spinner that you just yank sideways to pop out. 3. A non-rotating handle that you also have to ya
  15. I was playing with that today, trying square cut versus radius cut versus drilling holes for the detent in the bolt to pop into. Because of the radius tip on the detent, it doesn't really prevent rotation, and if you do rotate it, the detent pin begins to lift so the handle can start walking out. I have an idea how to do it so it won't spin, and you have to just straight pull to remove it. Or I could make it a spinner. Actually, on that thought, I'll start a new topic and see what people prefer.
  16. Thought you all might get a kick out of this. I'm making an M4 charging handle (well, likely several varieties). Stem will be case-hard steel for wear, while the handle will be aluminum for weight savings. Here is a video of the threads being cut (I love my CNC lathe), as well as some 'nearly complete' parts. Picture Video 2019-12-06 17.49.13.mov
  17. So this is a thread from 8 years ago ... ShootingSight makes a 922R compliant hammer if you need it. Wire cut S7 billet tool steel, with NIB coating.
  18. Do you know if the trigger designs are similar between the SuperNova and the M4?
  19. I'm looking for a spare pistol grip stock to modify, so once you do find your field stock, let me know.
  20. I do not have the pistol grip stock, but it looks like the answer is to poke holes in the butt-pad to unscrew stuff. I do want to put a Tail-Hook on it, so I need a buffer tube. Got the bolt sorted. You need to take the charging handle AND the firing pin out. I tried each, but not together 🙂 Also, I fitted the 2-stage trigger, and it worked great, so I want to get that promoted. If you are firing slugs and want accuracy, 2-stage is the way to go.
  21. I made a 2-stage for an M4, though only a few are in the wild with little feedback, Pretty rare that you care about a crisp letoff for a shotgun.
  22. I'm in! Bought my gun today. Gotta figure out how to get the stock off. Spent 5 mins and could not get the bolt apart - I got the firing pin, cam pin, and charging handle out .... now I'm gonna have to read the instructions 😞 Thanks for all the help.
  23. LOL. You might be giving too much credit to the engineering budget of companies. I spent my career in a Fortune 100 company doing R&D, and we did what you think: if there is a doubt as to strength, you get 10 units (or 100), and you smack them with a drop test or multiple recoils until they break .... because you can afford that. Smaller companies will take one, try it out and if it does not break right away, they call it good. Dunno how big Scalarworks is or what they did, but I'd question how many receivers they were willing to destroy to confirm their design. That said,
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