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  1. Sorry guys I didn't mean to get everyone hopes up. I just contacted them and they said yeah we do NP3 so I assumed they would do all firearms. But I guess not. However it looks like we will still have a option hopefully in the near future.
  2. I contacted suarez international and they say they are still able to do NP3 coats. I asked how since Robar has gone out of business. They said they have their own people do it in house. That's the link to their site just for NP3 options. https://suarezinternational.com/np3-metal-finishing/
  3. So I bought a M4 sbs and the transfer paperwork that came with it says that the manufacturer is Beretta. My dealer says that Beretta owns benelli. Just wonder if this is correct and anyone else that has a M4 sbs and the manufacturer is also listed as Beratta. Thanks
  4. Weird. You would think they would be consistent on something like this.
  5. I bought my first Geissle hammer years ago and now I just bought this one and noticed that the US stamp is in a completely different place. Anyone else have on like this? The one install was bought in 2016. Thanks
  6. Why are you selling? Do you not like this setup? I only ask because I was thinking about getting this same set up for my M4.
  7. If you have anymore let me know!!! [email protected]
  8. If you go to benelli’s website it has all the information you need about this topic. It’s under the faq section.
  9. Not sure about the sling but the mark on the pin is to help you put it back together. The mark goes towards the front of the bcg.
  10. How do you feel about just having the bcg coated since these like to run wet. Do you think that would help with the lubrication?
  11. Thinking about sending off my M4 to have it coated with their np3 or maybe np3+. I know some of you have had it done and was curious at how it's hold up. Thanks
  12. The brand choke I use is benelli.
  13. I mainly use Sellier & Bellot 2 3/4 00buck 9 pellots with mine and have zero issues. You can find it on sale all the time for 89.00 for 250 rounds. I just finished my first box and they all went bang and had zero issues. I also have found that Winshester rifled slugs group pretty well at 25 yards. I did change my choke from modified to improved 4 notches just because i'm doing what you want to do. Mainly buckshot and every now and then some slugs. Hope this helps.
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