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Found 2 results

  1. Appears to be same/similar chemical structure and have same/similar appearance and benefits. From the email, couldn't attach jpegs for some reason View this email in your browser NT7™ & NT7 Plus™ The long awaited NP3 Replacement Coatings l In October of 2021, without any warning the NP3 family of coatings was discontinued from the retail market. We were just as shocked as you and we vowed that we would find a suitable replacement. Our goal was to find a coating that was similar in performance, chemical makeup, and corrosion resistance. Over the past 2 years we have enlisted the help of the top chemical engineers, process engineers, and coating specialists from across the country to help us with this tall order. Through this process we discovered that we actually had two problems to solve. First was the obvious, we needed a performance coating that could meet our strict requirements. Secondly, and just as important, we realized we also needed an applicator that we could trust to apply the coating. We were unsuccessful on both fronts. After much deliberation we realized that there was really only one option. The only way to get the coating performance we needed and to ensure that we could provide the service that our customers deserved would be if we designed our own proprietary coating and undertook the significant investment to build our own inhouse plating facility. I am excited to tell you that this is exactly what we did. Construction of our inhouse plating facility started in March of this year and barring any unforeseen construction delays will be completed by the end of August. **Please DO NOT SEND IN COATING ORDERS until we announce that we are accepting orders** We will be equipped to process: Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum parts. We plan to be processing customer parts starting in September. The replacement coatings NT7™ & NT7 Plus™ will have very similar performance specs to the NP3 specs and just like their predecessors the “Plus” coating will have a higher corrosion resistance. NT7™ and NT7 Plus™ are based on a Nickel Teflon coating so they will have a similar satin Nickel appearance and the same low coefficient of friction and non-stick properties that we have all come to know and love over the years. We will be releasing pricing and more details about NT7™ as September approaches. Key Info: NP3 has been replaced with NT7™ NT7™ & NT7 Plus™ will be applied inhouse in our brand new plating facility Construction on our inhouse plating facility will be completed 9/1/2023 Please DO NOT SEND ORDERS NOW, we will let you know when We will release pricing and more spec's for NT7™ & NT7 Plus™ in the coming months We look forward to better serving you and your firearm refinishing needs in the very near future! Sincerely, Brian Wright President & CEO
  2. Thinking about sending off my M4 to have it coated with their np3 or maybe np3+. I know some of you have had it done and was curious at how it's hold up. Thanks
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