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  1. Nice Supernova! Did your Supernova come drilled and tapped?
  2. Andrew, nothing wrong in my view. Port load first round. Then slide pump forward. Load magazine tube. Job done? Or am I missing something?!?
  3. Have a gunsmith service your Supernova. If you bought it second, might give you piece of mind. ATB, Scrummy
  4. Hi folks, I use my Supernova as my slug gun but I have a feeling it would benefit from a lighter and crisper trigger. Has anyone looked into a way of doing this? Thanks in advance, Scrummy
  5. Thanks Nine Inch Nails. I think It's because I'm using the slug barrel, not th standard and they have a different OD... Might just have to get a bit creative
  6. Hi Folks, Recently put a Nordic extented tube on my Benelli Supernova. The mag clamp that came with it makes the barrel / tube stop being parallel. Are there any other clamps that might work better? Thanks in advance, Scrummy
  7. I have a Spead Bead with a Fastfire III (3MOA). Don't use it for waterfowling but for Slugs at Turning Targets I like it thought!
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