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  1. I bought a new Super Nova last year mainly because I always wanted one, but also my son started turkey hunting with me and needed his own shotgun and this was a NIB at a price I couldn't pass on as it was the same as a 870 Express Supermagnum. I had always considered the Super Nova a great pump shotgun and Benelli's reputation for great shotguns is well deserved. When I went on line a few months ago to watch a video on how to disassemble the gun (its came with Benelli's pistol grip stock) is when I came across multiple videos on how to fix problems with the Super nova's trigger, feeding and ja
  2. Just joined this website and this being my first post I in the most sincere intent as possible wish I were making a much more positive post and not a request for assistance. I recently bought a new Benelli Supernova and based my purchase on after a fellow I met at my rifle club had one he let me inspect and then shoot. I liked it enough to stray from my old stand by of over 35 years my multiple Remington 870’s. Unfortunately no one anywhere near me sells Supernovas except in the tactical models with 18” barrels and I wanted this one as a dedicated turkey gun and much prefer a longer
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