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  1. Yes I do not have the time to waste on it. I will go back to the shop where it came from, tell them what Benelli told me to do with it and let them deal with it and I’ll be taking a big hit on what it cost vs. what they will give me on it too. If Benelli was an upfront company they would put out a recall on a gun they admit to having problems with. Instead they are waiting for people to wonder if it is the gun or their poor shoot that is causing them to miss. Betting that most people do not take the time to pattern a gun to discover it is the gun and not them and then only having to deal
  2. I talked with Benelli about it yesterday. They did say it was not unheard of and to indeed send it back. They also quoted a 5 week repair time. Add in a couple of weeks of transit time, and the fee I’ll pay a gun shop to deal with sending it back to Mass. Turkey season is only three weeks away, and I do not want to miss it. My decision is to dump the beast and start over.
  3. Very high and left. I took the gun to a smith and had it measured to make sure the barrel was not bent. It is not. Oddly the beads were both installed off center on the rail. Great quality control. At least they are both off to the same side
  4. Interesting to be reading this. After last year’s horrid hunting season, blaming myself, I decided to mount a reflex sight on my Vinci this season. I spent a very frustrating day at the range yesterday. Shooting various brands and sizes of shells through all the chokes I have and neither I nor my friend could get a centered pattern. Everything was high and left, and we ran out of adjustment range on the red dot sight. I am not blaming myself anymore.
  5. I like my Vinci, a lot, just cannot justify another one with a 4” shorter tube and green paint for the short turkey season we have here. While I am not a fan of pump guns, I would buy a Benelli one before a Remington Semi Auto. Does Benelli offer a more entry level priced Semi Auto?
  6. I own a Vinci with a 28” barrel in Max4. It serves mainly as my crow and duck gun. I discovered turkey hunting last season and fell in love with it. I used the Vinci but it was a lot of gun and seemed oddly colored in the green spring woods. I am considering a 24” barrel Supernova pump with a steady grip stock as a coyote and turkey gun. Am I talking myself into something I really do not need? I can dump ducks with steel out of a 3” gun, I assume a turkey with 3” lead will not be an issue. The magazines all read that the long barrel is a detriment in the timber, but I really did not
  7. I have not seen a quail in so long I almost forgot what they look like. Since the coyotes moved in the bird population took a big hit in areas where I hunt. I shoot the dogs, but the quail is a lot better eating
  8. Next to turkey they are my favorite thing to hunt. I usually try to wound the first one and wait on his buddies to show. I live and hunt in MA and always have my license, my firearms permit, and a copy of the game laws with me. It does seem like every agency in the state dreams up their own interpretation of the rules. Wolf
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