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  1. Ended up ordering the top-rail. As of now I'm probably going to go with a Vortex Razor if I can get a good price on one.
  2. M2_shootr - can you clarify what you meant? It's not clear what your position was. Mind if I ask you all what optics you're using?
  3. Hey guys, I recently picked up a M4 and have been ordering some 'upgrades' and have been having some second thoughts on the FFT Top Rail I placed a pre-order for. I've read that the OEM top rail is not mil-spec and that many optics wont actually fit. I haven't settled on a particular optic yet, but I was screwing around and through a Vortex UH-1 G2 on there and it fit on the OEM rail without issue. This has me thinking the FFT rail may not be the best place for my cash right now. Is the OEM rail sufficient for most common optic manufacturers, or is a after-market top rail recommen
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