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  1. Sigma05

    M4 Final Setup

    Mag fed too! The grip setup is similar to what I want to do.
  2. Sigma05

    M4 Final Setup

    Made in the USA. Definitely qualifies.
  3. Sigma05

    M4 Final Setup

    Unfortunately not. Have too much on my plate right now.
  4. Sigma05

    M4 Final Setup

    Due to the huge popularity of the shotgun class I took, they are going to redo it, as well as add an advanced shotgun 2 class. I’m definitely running my M4 in the advanced class. Now to scrounge up some ammo to fulfill the requirements. I found out that Federal is selling ammo directly to customers so I placed a large order from them. Best part is their prices are very good in these price gouging times.
  5. With me it’s the opposite. At full length I felt like an orangutan. I originally had a field stock and had the same problem. I hate pistol grips but the length was just wrong on me. With raised cheek piece it straightens up my head so I don’t get the issue you were having. It’s good to have options because our needs are all different.
  6. I run it in the middle position, but I raised the cheek piece to match the red dot. If I remove the red dot, which has a quick release mount, I can still use my irons no problem.
  7. Sigma05

    M4 Final Setup

    The one thing I discovered during this class was the slowest bird shot that functioned flawlessly was at 1300 FPS. 1200 FPS only worked when the M4 was freshly cleaned and lubed but immediately started acting up after a box (25) of ammo. I’m sure some the intermediate velocities between the two may cycle reliably, but 1300 seems like a safe bet. No issues with the reduced recoil 00 buck and slugs shells.
  8. Sigma05

    M4 Final Setup

    Thanks. The heat made for a rough day. I guess all that loading training paid off.
  9. Sigma05

    M4 Final Setup

    I survived the shotgun class yesterday. The temps hit 104! Getting old and nursing a fractured wrist and ribs didn’t help any. Most of the shotguns in the class were pumps, but there was one other M4 and an M2. The M2 owner actually ran an M1014 during his service in the military and was huge asset figuring out the differences in manipulations during the malfunction drills and ammo swap drills. There was even a Keltec dual tube shotgun, that was constantly having issues if all kinds. Many instructors don’t teach shotgun classes simply because most people follow the myths that shotguns don’t ne
  10. I remember seeing the Stoeger stock and wondering if it was compatible. 🤔 May go ahead and try it too.
  11. Yes. The plastic field stock didn’t seem like a simple solution. I even considered sending it off to a plastic expert like Tom Bostic. If there was a compatible wood stock that would be a much simpler solution. Have you ever successfully shortened the plastic field stock?
  12. You are correct about the whole SGA stock not fitting because of the angle. Even though Håkan Spuhr made his own angle adapter for the buffer tube and new bolt “tail” to work with a different angle. I don’t have those skills. What I want to do is grab only the grip portion of the collapsible stock and correct the grip angle to as close as possible to how the field/SGA stock sits. I needed to know the thread pattern because I may have to design and print my own grip. The other option is just modify the original grip module to fit a Magpul K grip at the angle I want. I already ordered a spare OE
  13. That seems like the correct one. It’s the thread where the stock or grip thread onto the buffer tube. Thanks!!
  14. That seems awfully small for the thread on the buffer tube that the stock/grip threads onto. The buffer tube alone is 20mm.
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