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  1. Sigma05

    M4 Final Setup

    They took it down from their web page. Most likely they got tired of being asked when it was coming out.
  2. Factory screws are M4-0.7-18mm. You would need to get ones that add as much as the spacer you may need. The factory ones are quite long and would be enough if you are doing a slight washer stack.
  3. I’m away from the shop. After you remove screws (113) you would make some spacers that go in the screws, between cheek pad (111) and stock (124). You could also stack washers if you want a cheap solution.
  4. I’ve been racking my mind to figure out a way to raise the cheek pad on the M4 collapsible stock. The Hensoldt red dot I run is high and I don’t get a good cheek weld. I have to “hunt” for the dot every time since I don’t have a consistent cheek weld. I did a search and the only thing I have found is people adding adhesive pads on top of the stock. I dissembled mine and noticed that you could make some risers. I also noticed that the third screw had a concave recess, so that spacer would have to have a male/female extension made. Should be a simple non-permanent mod. Anyone done something similar? Any other feedback on different solutions. Would like to see what others have done before venturing into this.
  5. It’s an ammo issue. Some say they are 2-3/4 but they are a bit long. I had the same issue with a specific brand. Try another brand and compare them side by side. You'll see that one is longer.
  6. Steve, can you still ghost load with this setup? From your description I would say yes, but would like your first hand experience. Thanks in advance.
  7. J-Kenny auto loading lifter Anyone familiar with these? Curious since I’ve never heard of them and have no idea how they work.
  8. Heat shrink tubing also holds up well. I did some AK parts like that and have held up well. I even multi-layered it on the charging handle to add more diameter.
  9. I don’t think it will stay on and rub off easily. You’d be better off trying with some kind of bed liner that is made to take a beating. Problem is that you can’t buy a small amount. I use Herculiner on the bottom of my flat feet bipods for better grip and it can take serious beating.
  10. Yes he does. I have a bunch of his stuff he makes for SCARs.
  11. Instead of dragging this post off topic, I say we all continue this great discussion on the new post created ShootingSight. ShootingSight M4 hammer
  12. I’m definitely down for one. Count me in.
  13. Art. For some reason it’s bouncing back my emails saying it’s an invalid email address.
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