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  1. I‘ll be running mine (which most consider heavy) in a class on July 19th. Will see how I hold up. I’ll have my bare bones 870 Justin case.
  2. Getting the loading port modified will definitely help, but can be done without. It will just require a lot more practice. I do it a lot without modifying. Will do it eventually....... when I can find the time.
  3. Sigma05

    M4 Final Setup

    That’s the handguard, but I no longer use it. I switched to the Briley one. Shell holder I got off eBay. Don’t recall from who. They’re called stage savers, so do a search and you’ll find many versions. The light can mount either on the IWC QD mount or in the MLok handguard also using an IWC mount made for the Surefire Scout light.
  4. Sigma05

    M4 Final Setup

    I forget right now but I can shoot slugs with it and it’s extremely accurate at 100 yards. It’s like one or two steps up from no choke. I still get good hits with buck at 25 yards.
  5. Sigma05

    M4 Final Setup

    Light is mounted on the IWC front QD and light mount. I don’t understand: “ Also holds a shell?”. You need to ask the second question in a complete sentence.
  6. I zero slugs at 100 yards. Allows for sternum hold all the way out from zero to 100.
  7. StrangerDanger makes the cleanest port work I’ve seen.
  8. I run one on my Steyr pistol and it does make a difference on handguns.
  9. Installation Instructions Instructions seem pretty straight forward.
  10. Sigma05

    M4 Picture Thread

    Hensoldt RSA Benelli M4 muzzle brake/choke Briley M-Lok handguard Surefire Scout M600DF Mesa Tactical 8 shell saddle Limbsaver buttpad Magpul M-Lok hand stop Nordic +1 Nova extension Taran Tactical lifter GG&G bolt release RCI extended safety IWC rear QD sling mount Magpul M-Lok QD sling mount Magpul MS1 padded sling
  11. Sigma05

    M4 Final Setup

    I have not but could easily try it next time I take it to the range.
  12. Sigma05

    M4 Final Setup

    I got mine on eBay. Otherwise you’re just going to have to be patient. It’s the name of the game with rare quality foreign guns.
  13. Sigma05

    M4 Final Setup

    I like it because it’s simple, light, rugged, runs on both battery and solar, plus it has a quick release if all that fails and need to go to irons. I raised my cheek riser to match it. I prefer the more relaxed head up position. That’s why I didn’t try to get anything that actually cowitnessed.
  14. No clue what the philosophy behind it. Just know it works great.
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