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  1. Hensoldt RSA. Has a quick release mount incorporated so you can dump it if for any reason it fails. It also runs on both solar and battery power. The one in the pic has a rubber cover. Without it, it’s much slimmer.
  2. From somebody that 3D prints a lot of parts, that is definitely not one you want to do. There’s no filaments that can handle that.
  3. Sigma05


    I had the exact same setup and I didn’t need to swap the tube. Just swapped stocks.
  4. I have seen it done. I asked the guy how he did it but wouldn’t divulge the state secrets. Not even what model the stock was for. 😟
  5. I’ve had the most success with the Federal TruBall. You can get it with different velocities.
  6. Merry belated Christmas! I had disconnected from the internet for a few days.
  7. I had the Hayl rail and the feel was great, but like you mentioned the set screws was an issue. At the time there weren’t any better options, but that changed when Briley and Agency came out with their Mlok options. I ended up getting the long Briley rail. They have a shorter one that is the same size as the factory handguard , but I wanted the longer one so my light sits as far forward as possible. I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s rock solid yet removable with no tools. The endless amount of Mlok slots makes setting things up to your liking easier.
  8. Sigma05

    M4 Final Setup

    After two very intense training classes, my setup has held up perfectly. The level 2 class really pushed us to try every possible scenario and shooting position under the sun. That also helped confirm that my setup works well in less than optimal circumstances. Couldn’t be happier with the Briley long handguard. It helps put the light much further forward which is optimal. The Federal Flight Control 00 buck in the M4 practically performs like a slug out to 15 yards. At 30 yards I was still getting all 8 pellets in the “A” box. Federal TruBall 1300 fps slug is nearly as accurate as shooting wit
  9. Sigma05

    M4 Final Setup

    It’s from GG&G GG&G M4 QD mount
  10. Sigma05

    M4 Final Setup

    Impact Weapon Components mounted on the right side. IWC M4 QD mount
  11. My collection of G36s that I have built over the years.
  12. If we’re adding FDE weaons in the mix, I can definitely contribute.
  13. This range had some safe forward observer positions. The spotters would report back corrections and hits.
  14. I had completely forgotten I had this other black gun. Steyr SSG-08 in 300 win mag with a S&B 3-20x56. Most amazing bolt gun I’ve ever owned. Trigger is fully adjustable in every which way possible right from the factory. Successfully hit human silhouette targets out to 2km with Berger 230 grain handloads.
  15. Thanks it was featured in the magazine Tread.
  16. Only black gun I own. Everything else is in FDE or some shade of grey. Even my M4 is the H2O version.
  17. Sigma05

    M4 Final Setup

    Did a bunch of ammo testing. The M4 absolutely loved this #6 Federal shot that’s rated at 1255 fps. It didn’t cycle properly on the Rio reduced recoil slugs, but had no issues with the Remington or Federal reduced recoil slugs.
  18. Sigma05

    M4 Final Setup

    Who says shotguns aren’t accurate? This is two 00 buckshots at 30 yards on a 66% B/C target. Got slug hits both at 50 and 100 yards, but forgot to take pics before I repainted them. Prepping and testing ammo for an advanced shotgun class. Who else trains and preps for classes?
  19. I would love two please! Tired of using a very large screwdriver.
  20. I run the Nordic +1 in conjunction to the factory choke/brake. With that combo there’s plenty of room to spare.
  21. Sigma05

    M4 Final Setup

    Mag fed too! The grip setup is similar to what I want to do.
  22. Sigma05

    M4 Final Setup

    Made in the USA. Definitely qualifies.
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