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  1. So, I know this is way late, but I finally got out and shot several slugs through this. It worked amazing. Recoil was reduced by quite a bit. I really liked it. Again, sorry for the late reply... Life happens.
  2. After buying the Briley carbon fiber mag tube I had this problem as well. I cut the spring a couple times, but still couldn't get it where I wanted it. I ended up buying a spring from Carriercomp and it worked perfect, no cutting.
  3. Kyuss


    I am interested in this as well. I have the Benelli collapsible stock, and although I like it, the adjusting part can be a bit finicky. Curious what you guys have to say!
  4. The link that I originally posted was the wrong model. I went back and found/purchased the correct one. Just to make sure I pulled the choke out and verified on the side of the cylinder where there is laser engraving that the type was "CYL".
  5. The one I bought is the cylinder (84130) and will/does shoot slugs.
  6. I am taking it out next week to shoot. It is rated to handle any type of shot. I will have to let you know as far as the compensator is concerned. But I am guessing that it will work like any other type of muzzle brake.
  7. https://www.opticsplanet.com/carlsons-beretta-benelli-mobil-12ga-tactical-muzzle-brake.html
  8. Yeah, I saw that. It's my luck... I'll try this one out. If I hate it, I will try and recoup some of the money I paid for it, selling it and try the Benelli one once it comes available again. Good looking out though! Thank you.
  9. Yeah, I haven't had any issues. The tracking on it says it will be here today.
  10. So I found the item that is good with any type of round. Ordered it off of OpticPlanet.com. Should be delivered in a couple days. I will keep you posted.
  11. Will do. For the price, I think I may pick it up. I'm gonna do a little more pondering on it, but I will most certainly reply back to this thread on my findings. Thanks for your insight and good luck on your weight loss goals!
  12. So just got the Wolff spring in, and installed it a few minutes ago. I was able to get 7 2 3/4 shells in, without modifying (cutting) the spring. I measured the length of the spring from the end of the mag tube to the remaining portion of the spring and it measured right at 11". Thanks for your help with this one!!!
  13. True. The main reason I am interested in it is the brake. The breaching aspect of it is just a plus. What is your opinion on the muzzle brake?
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