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  1. I got mine on gunbroker. Just be prepared to pay over MSRP
  2. Hi folks - I’ve been reading all your opinions for months now, and I really appreciate that this is a relatively tight group of enthusiasts, with a small group of trusted suppliers that make parts. I got my M4 recently, and here is what I’ve done so far as well as what I’m doing. Would love your thoughts on a few things: Sling: Vickers combat sling (installed on factory sling mounts) Optics: Scalarworks Mount with RMR (Should arrive next week) Mag Tube: Put myself on the list for a Carrier Comp, but would love to hear thoughts on this vs. the Briley CF tube. Grip: I order
  3. I ordered the Briley 8” MLOK forend from Dissident Arms. Will update here with a picture at some point. No idea when it will ship though. I’m new to the m4 world and have been lurking here like crazy for several months now consuming all your opinions. I already got on the list for a Carrier comp mag tube lol.
  4. Would love to know if there are any updates from the OP. Did you end up keeping the rails?
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