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  1. Limbsaver just made a run of 10403s. They are not on their site so call them to order. I have begfed them for a couple months to do a run and think they listened. Mine shipped a couple days ago.
  2. Glad you got it. I guess grabagun had only one become available and you got it. I had to cancel my order with them since they ended up not having anymore. Called Limbsaver direct and told them I was about to give up finding one anywhere and she spoke to production and they said they would make a run of them this week so just placed an order with them directly. Frankly getting sick of this Covid panick and nothing being available anywhere.
  3. Hopefully you get it. I placed an order with Grabagun for one and then told did not actually have them.
  4. Has yours shipped yet? Crickets here.
  5. Awesome! Just placed my order hopefully they have them.
  6. I did cancel it. Limbsaver did say when they are available again they will be on their website first.
  7. I ordered mine about the same time. After 3 weeks I called them and they said they didnt have any more and are backordered with no ETA. Limbsaver direct said they have no ETA to make more. I saw Optics Planet had them listed on ebay still but they don't actually have any more.
  8. Yeah, tried them when they said they were in stock, then told out of stock with no ETA.
  9. Anyone know where to source a Limbsaver 10403 for the M4? I am about to give up finding one. Limbsaver says no ETA to make more.
  10. My M4 is about done. Only thing left is a Limbsaver if they ever come back in stock. Briley CF mag extension, TTI charging handle, bolt release, safety & extended carrier. Holosun 507 green dot on Scalarworks mount.
  11. What holds on the stock pad? Is it allen screws, phillips, star, etc?
  12. I just found one on Optics Planet. Not sure if they have any more but worth checking.
  13. As I further my quest to sink more $ into my new H2O M4, what are some aftermarket trigger options worth upgrading to?
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