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  1. 2hours, and still available? . Sorry, but cant do another shottie at the moment.
  2. Picked up a toy Thursday, and maybe a minute or so delay. But in Ct, they run everything on our CCL #, so that's linked with my ss#, likly even drivers liscence. I feel it's more thorough, and faster.
  3. Was in the candy shop other day, and it was very slow, and very limited inventory. We have gone through several boom and bust cycles in last decade. With politics and unrest, there really isn't any even market in this industry anymore. And unpredictable sales kill buisness quickly.
  4. Ouch. Wouldnt surprise me. And probably increase the MSRP too. Not sure on Benelli, but I know many of these factories make runs of guns, not making every product at same time. Would think sporting guns for fall hunting would be priority at minute. But I could be wrong.
  5. Many thanks to forum member @remarkable. While I was contemplating a Benelli, what I wanted just isnt available. But my second choice, a Beretta 1301 was available. He was able to help me out. And maybe the Benelli will be available down the road when we return to normal.
  6. Expensive, and they way ammo is NON existant right now, probably won't see it till Christmas.
  7. I would hope not. Were not talking about Remington Marlins.
  8. When they are charging basically the same as the real NP3 coating, but its cerokote that many people can apply, even at home, not worth it. The military has gotten along just fine on a regular factory finish.
  9. Only been 6 weeks. I've heard different stories, but could easily be months. Production delays, parts availability from suppliers, and having to distance work stations( at each station, plant, and every vendor level) will mean full production could be way lower now than last year. ,
  10. So received a email, and here's what it says. Any clue about something new ? " Hey there, Benelli fan! We'll get straight to the point: It's been so long since we've corresponded that we need to make sure you still want to hear from us here at Benelli. If you want to get the latest updates from Benelli, click below. Trust us, you do not want to miss out on what we have coming in just a few weeks! " An
  11. Thanks for the info. I'm looking at a class this fall. I know being tacticool is in, but plane Jane and saving a pound or more pays dividends all day long. Ps, check your PM DFWSFO
  12. I just found one of the Benelli DVD catalogs in my desk. Miss the paper ones.
  13. NP3 is teflon metallic cousin.
  14. Yes, seems like people are buying to flip on the auction sites. Hopefully it will pass soon.
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