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  1. So received a email, and here's what it says. Any clue about something new ? " Hey there, Benelli fan! We'll get straight to the point: It's been so long since we've corresponded that we need to make sure you still want to hear from us here at Benelli. If you want to get the latest updates from Benelli, click below. Trust us, you do not want to miss out on what we have coming in just a few weeks! " An
  2. Thanks for the info. I'm looking at a class this fall. I know being tacticool is in, but plane Jane and saving a pound or more pays dividends all day long. Ps, check your PM DFWSFO
  3. I just found one of the Benelli DVD catalogs in my desk. Miss the paper ones.
  4. NP3 is teflon metallic cousin.
  5. Yes, seems like people are buying to flip on the auction sites. Hopefully it will pass soon.
  6. Quick bump if anybody near Ct has a M4 to try out.
  7. 30 M4's up on the auction site. Guess people trying to cash in before next delivery in the states.
  8. 100 K. Guess you bot the last laugh 😂
  9. I'm in no rush, waiting for prices to stabilize, or more likely, see inventory locally at regular retail. I'll shoot you a PM later. Thanks
  10. Anybody in Connecticut, or close proximity, have a M4 that would be willing to meet up at a range to let me experience how it is before dropping 2K on one? My experience is with a older M1S90, but have a hankering for something gas driven.
  11. I see the M3 ( 11606) still on the Benelli website. Are they in current production?
  12. Id say that since this is a 20 month old topic, and poster hasnt loged in in 20 months, unless you e-mail him, you wont find him
  13. Only 25%. right now. They want to increase it. IF they could convert every kernal of corn into ethonol, without any tax dollars, we would still be way short of eneregy. Corn is in EVRYTHING! Corn flakes, almost every single box of Sweatened cerial, Devil dogs, granola bars, Hamburger buns ( yes, I have the package right here) and almost all Soda uses Corn syrup!!!! Say what you want, I dont want FOOD in my gasoline tank.
  14. #1 There is a shortage of food in the world #2 consider how much energy it takes to make etonal, and it only has aprox 75% the energy of gasoline. Your burning more to do the same job. #3 Sugar cane, sugar beats. Whatever they choose, it drives up the prices. Look at what corn did. Food is through the roof the last 2-3 years.
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