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  1. The MC M4 manual. Benelli M4 (USMC Manual).pdf
  2. Ditto. And well said. That Corps manual was the first thing I poured over- and it was thanks to this forum. Secondly, ditto on the big rounds through the break in period. After that, it’s just like anything else: Practice, and more practice. Next thing you know, operating that m4 will be like sliding into a good set of jammies (maybe a onesie) and getting a great sleep all night long. Edit to add: don’t worry about the cool kid mods at first. Get used to the base model, and then it will help you with the decisions down the line. Again, this forum is the go to with excellent advice
  3. What I did: I bought a practice spring. Can’t remember where, or brand but it was cheap (like 18 bux?) and supposed to be for m4. Point here is, you can try and measure the spring left from the tube after the cuts... but that may not be accurate either sometimes. it’s like meat on the smoker, everyone says 6 hours... you do it 6 hours and you have jerky. what I would suggest is you cut it a few coils (like 3) at a time, and put back together and test. You will get the idea of how many coils at a time after the first couple. Takes longer, but it worked. Practice spring actually is now f
  4. Thanks, it may be a bit before I can tackle... AS is back ordered, haven’t checked the other parts yet. So this will be a perfect reminder when they come in.
  5. Perfect, thank you. Just have been consumed with my son and his trap team, and all the accoutrement (e.g $$$) that comes with it. Finally got a breather, and figure it would tackle the trigger.
  6. Double check your box, the appropriate mounting accessories have should been inside. Purchased the same for my 11707 and came as advertised. The packages are small, and scalar works packs in 50 items, like stickers, within th case. Fasteners #6-32x0.4375" flat-head (Nylok® treated, torqued @ 15in*lbs), #8-40x0.25" flat-head (Nylok® treated), #8-40x0.20" captive
  7. Since 2020 is over, and I already want my trial of 2021 to be cancelled... just checking on frame and trigger assemblies. Been out of it for a few, and finally getting back to 922 parts. A&S (pretty sure that’s still solid) and FFT still the way to go, or are there some new opinions out there? Thanks!
  8. Like it. Been staring at a bunch of Henry levers lately. Congrats
  9. Usually a field gun will be lighter and have a narrow rib with a single bead. Sporter will be usually longer and heavier with a wide rib and two beads. The comb will be higher on a sporter, to cause you to shoot high which is good for skeet/trap. (Yes, debatable, and not trying to start a war) That said in a very basic sense, if you are mainly looking for a bird gun, stick with the field. You can trap skeet with it anytime. Plus you save a few (a lot) bucks. If you were to comp shoot trap skeet, then the sporter and hunt with it occasionally. Plus i don’t know your fit and shooting prefe
  10. All I saw in this post was grenade launcher. 😁
  11. That’s exactly what I did. Card, and some spare Velcro in the garage (or get from big box) Works nicely. @stepbill simply google shotgun shell card, and pick your flavor. The loop is to pull it off. Some have it some don’t. Cheap and easy to remove if you don’t like it.
  12. That carbon tube is starting to grow on me. Looks great!
  13. Good to know on the spacers, thanks @StrangerDanger. package arrives tomorrow, can’t wait to play around a bit.
  14. All right scratch this whole post. Not sure how I missed this thread. Going with the RMR option.
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