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  1. Like it. Been staring at a bunch of Henry levers lately. Congrats
  2. Usually a field gun will be lighter and have a narrow rib with a single bead. Sporter will be usually longer and heavier with a wide rib and two beads. The comb will be higher on a sporter, to cause you to shoot high which is good for skeet/trap. (Yes, debatable, and not trying to start a war) That said in a very basic sense, if you are mainly looking for a bird gun, stick with the field. You can trap skeet with it anytime. Plus you save a few (a lot) bucks. If you were to comp shoot trap skeet, then the sporter and hunt with it occasionally. Plus i don’t know your fit and shooting prefe
  3. All I saw in this post was grenade launcher. 😁
  4. That’s exactly what I did. Card, and some spare Velcro in the garage (or get from big box) Works nicely. @stepbill simply google shotgun shell card, and pick your flavor. The loop is to pull it off. Some have it some don’t. Cheap and easy to remove if you don’t like it.
  5. That carbon tube is starting to grow on me. Looks great!
  6. Good to know on the spacers, thanks @StrangerDanger. package arrives tomorrow, can’t wait to play around a bit.
  7. All right scratch this whole post. Not sure how I missed this thread. Going with the RMR option.
  8. Thanks guys for the replies. I think I came to the same conclusion as well. @bird dog do you think the RMR is just right, or should I go with the SRO? I do like the expanded FOV on the SRO but not sure if it would matter. Thoughts?
  9. Looking for an option with a co witness rmr. Seen the scalarworks SYNC, but whoo-boy the price tag. Like editing, search seems to be an option on non drinking days, but found some options as late as 2018. Any 2020 views? Bottom line want the option of ghost ring and red dot as a backup to either.
  10. Not getting this can edit, can’t edit thing. Truth be told, could be the whiskey effect. Anyways, Third week was really the fourth week for the call, received a week later.
  11. I ordered mine (403) direct from limbsaver. Took 5 weeks. After calling back three times, the third week, finally got an answer- they were back ordered on material. COVID. she said they were making some on the weekend, and I should receive mine shortly after. I did. That was first week of sept.
  12. I have the same. Son pointed it out when breaking down. Curious as well.
  13. One of the kids. Duck to water on the m4. I couldn’t keep the rounds flowing fast enough.
  14. Went to the range today with the boy (13) to plink some rounds. Started with the 10/22, RSO popped over for some conversation as the kid was shooting away like 22lr was in surplus. Saw my Savior bag, and asked what else ya got. Said, brought the 30.06, and a Benelli 12, and wanted the boy to shoot both. His eyes got a little sparkly, first because the boy was going to tackle both for the first time, but secondly because I said the B word. So said when he’s ready-wants to see him shoot. Really he wanted to see the 12, because he had heard of em, never shot, never seen one in person. I said
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