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  1. Gm2376 and Hk2000...you guys continue to ignore the people who paid Benelliparts for a stock in September and have not received one yet, while Benelliparts apparently is selling them on Gunbroker at an inflated price. I guess no one at Benelliparts wants to address the elephant in the room. So be it. Maybe your paying customers or prospective customers won’t be too happy when they see all of this. I guess you would be happy if the customers who paid you in September cancel their orders now so you can sell the stocks at an inflated price, but what about your other items? You guys aren’t th
  2. Yes, so far Benelliparts (Heckler&KochP2000) is silent other than the “fake news” comment. Benelliparts, all you need to do is come on and say why this is fake news. If you do not do this, then everyone will assume (rightfully so) that you have acted shady, at best, by selling stocks on Gunbroker instead of providing your customers who have already paid you. It seems from the information Nethawk provided that there is no doubt you sold at least some of those stocks on Gunbroker. How many? Why shouldn’t your Customers who paid you in September be upset with this? Maybe its true what
  3. Gm2376....Nethawk is correct. It is not illegal in most states to record a telephone call if you are one of the parties to that call. What is shady about recording your own call? Seems like that is the best evidence to me and it helps avoid disputed conversations and determine the truth. You against that? Nothing shady about Nethawk recording his own call. By the way, many people do this all the time.
  4. Thanks for the info, Nethawk. Tnis needs to be addressed by Benelliparts and Antoine.
  5. This issue should be addressed by Benelliparts. I, for one, do not like to pay for something that the seller will eventually get to me when he feels like it and when his profit margin by selling it somewhere else decreases. So yea, based on the information posted by Nethawk, I am pissed. If that information is wrong, then I apologize, but how about addressing it! Its not going away. Is Nethawk a liar, or is the owner of Benelliparts a liar? I can assure you, this is not going away until it is addressed. I will bet others on the waiting list feel the same.
  6. If that is true, that is fu...ked up.
  7. If Nethawk’s facts are true, I think Beneeliparts’ customers would be interested in knowing this. Maybe this issue should be brought to a larger audience? I know some people think the owner is rude and has a f...k you attitude.....I don’t really know. But I do know that I paid for a stock in early September, I have not received it yet, and Nethawk has published what appears to be convincing evidence that the owner of Benelliparts is selling the stocks on Gunbroker before he completes his obligation to his existing customers.
  8. HK2000.....judging from your prior posts, you appear to be the owner or in some way connected to Benelliparts? Do you mind addressing the information contained in Nethawk’s posts as it relates to the owners of. benelliparts selling m4 stocks on Gunbroker while there are still customers who have paid for these stocks several months ago and not yet received them? This has not been addressed. Only vague accusations of “fake news”. Is Nethawk lying about the information he posted? I do not know the facts yet, but I am very curious since I paid for a stock in early September and have no
  9. HK2000.....I agree that Nethawk may not have a legitimate complaint since he never paid money and was not on the waiting list, but what about the people who paid in September and still don’t have a stock. Nethawk did provide some information that, if true, should cause people who did pay in September and are on the waiting list, like me, to have a real problem with Benelliparts business practices. I’m not going to say anymore because I don’t know the details, but if its true, I wouldn’t call it fake news. I’m not going to cancel my order because I have waited this long and Benelliparts ke
  10. If this is true, it really pisses me off! If He takes payment at the time of placing the order he should fill those orders FIRST. end of story.
  11. The problem is not that he is selling the stocks on Gunbroker for a marked up profit, the problem is that he still has customers who prepaid for those stocks back in early September but have still not received theirs. I am one of them.
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