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  1. New in box $90 shipped----postal money order for payment
  2. I got one from you a couple months ago.It indeed is very nice.
  3. I needed shorter screws for mine.I went to local hardware store and got some.But got them with a allen head.
  4. Its the same oneThere just showing the back side I have that one from midway.
  5. Its a nice firm fit.no side to side movement.
  6. size small fits perfect over the factory pad
  7. I might of found a mount that will work.Its the BM-12G mag tube rail.And then get sling attachment to go on it. http://www.rsregulate.com/accessory.php
  8. Anyone know were I can get the red insert that's in the m4 follower. The follower that came with my new m4 is all red.The design is different from the black with red insert. I have a carriercomp follower that I want to use it in.
  9. Hello.I had to remove the factory front sling mount to use the ati forend.I do have a socomguy full length tube on it. The ati mag tube rail only works with there tube extention and I don't like how it looks anyway. Has anyone come up with a solution for this. who might have this setup. Thanks.
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