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  1. If anyone had any doubts. Now you know . LOL "We had to remove your listing because it didn’t follow our Firearms and accessories policy. Firearms are not allowed. Listings for allowed firearm parts and accessories must follow strict guidelines." What activity didn't follow the policy 'We appreciate that you have selected eBay to list your item; however, please be informed that you listed a Telescopic stock of a Benelli m4 semi automatic shotgun. Ebay doesn't allow parts for firearms such as folding Stock . As these all parts work in making an firearm an assault weapon. We understand that it was unintentional from your side; hence, we kindly request you not to such items on the site.'
  2. I probably will if it don't sale on eBay
  3. WOW. After seeing what some are paying.LOL. I put mine up for sale on ebay.I wasn't using it anyway. And prefer the regular pistol grip stock.If anyone wants to over pay for one here it is.Benelli m4 telescoping stock 70085 | eBay
  4. New in box $90 shipped----postal money order for payment
  5. I got one from you a couple months ago.It indeed is very nice.
  6. I needed shorter screws for mine.I went to local hardware store and got some.But got them with a allen head.
  7. Its the same oneThere just showing the back side I have that one from midway.
  8. Its a nice firm fit.no side to side movement.
  9. size small fits perfect over the factory pad
  10. I might of found a mount that will work.Its the BM-12G mag tube rail.And then get sling attachment to go on it. http://www.rsregulate.com/accessory.php
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