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  1. Sorry for resurrecting zombie thread, but it appears that this question was never answered. I also have a 12 ga Performance Shop SupertSport, it also came with five default choke, as shown inhttp://www.benelliusa.com/shop/chokes-wrenches/crior-extended-chrome. However, I believe the regular SuperSport version did not have Briley backbore to .733, where as the performance shop have the backbore. You should be able to tell if it is backbore by looking at the barrel. Now. you can probably still use the existing five chokes on a backbore shotgun, but there will be an issue. I will attempt to illustrate. regular barrel ID (0.72 I made this up for the purpose of illustration, as I don't know what the regular version barrel ID is.) start of regular choke ID (0.72) Supersport barrel ID (0.733 notice it is backbored, metal was removed from the inside of the barrel, thus increasing the inner diameter). start of regular choke (0.72), as you can see, there is a disconnect, such that bbs will have a sudden transition. This is probably why you want to use the correct choke. If you are ordering aftermarket, such as from Briley, make sure you've mention that you are using performance center, that way they'll know the bore ID is 0.733.
  2. Yes, That is a Briley charging handle, it came with the Supersport Performance shop version. One thing that I did not mention about this charging handle is that the red part is a screw in piece. And during shooting, this also become loose. I used blue loctite on it to hold it in place, and it appears to work so far. But I'm disappointing in the quality of the parts, especially for a 2.8k gun... The charging handle coming loose is a easy fix that I didn't bother to post on this forum. On a side note, for public knowledge, while the bolt for the Supersport and M4 (two guns that I have) look similar, they are NOT interchangeable. M4 uses the ARGO system while Supersport (and majority of Benelli shotguns) uses Inertia Driven system. The inner mechanism for the is also different.
  3. Just an update. It took me two phone calls to Benelli customer support explaining the situation. I also explained to them that even though I'm not a gun smith, changing bolt release lever and the bolt release button is something that I've done before (on my M4) and that it is not difficult. The first representative is reluctant to send the replacement units, and ask me to send the entire gun in. I'm not willing to do that as it takes time, and headache. The second customer support rep, after seeing the disassembled parts, agreed to ship the replacement part over. Maybe I'll receive it in two weeks.
  4. Do you guys know if the latch mechanism is similar to that of GG&G bolt release button? I've installed the aftermarket one for my M4, and it was easy. If the mechanism is similar, then installing this on the supersport would be easy as well. I've already called Benelli, and they kept stressing that the entire gun needs to be send back. I'm really not looking forward to doing this, as it takes time, and replacing the part is something that I've done before anyway. I just don't understand why they couldn't sent the replacement part...
  5. I was wondering if anyone else have this issue before (see attached picture). I was shooting 5 stand with my friends today when I realized that my bolt release was gone, only to find it was on the floor. It appears that the bolt release was sheered off on the inside (poor quality??) I don't remember bumping into anything. Have anyone have this issue? I'd imagine when I pay for a fairly expensive shotgun, I get quality in return... P.S. not to mention that the bolt handle from briley was unscrewing, so I had to put loctite on the threads. P.S.S same thing goes for the mid bead unscrewing, also loctite on it... was someone on the quality team falling asleep??
  6. If its new, the piston rod should move freely as you described. Usually, when there is carbon buildup, it'll be difficult to remove the pistons. Make sure the pistons/piston rods are clean, and make sure both piston rods are able to traverse in either left or right slot. If it doesn't do that, I suggest contacting customer service.
  7. Embrace the recoil. You have two options really. 1) muzzle break, I got one from http://www.choketube.com/choke-tube-product-details.php?Benelli-Mobil-Choke-Tubes&mf=3 But based on my experience, that's more for look, and I couldn't tell much difference between with and without. 2) replace the factory shoulder pad with something better/softer.
  8. If the gun is new, make sure you wipe it clean, new guns sometimes have factory chips/turnings. Afterwards, drip it in oil. If the gun was used, make sure you clean the gun, especially the two gas piston, the two rod should be able to freely move, screw it out and clean the piston rod tube like if you would cleaning 9mm/.45, lots of carbon builds up there, even more so than the main gun barrel. When you said thta you had to hammer out the gas piston rod, is it dirty after you hammer it out? is it clean?
  9. From your experience, does the small size slip-on pad move from side to side, or is it sturdy?
  10. I will try that. A side note, why doesn't limbsaver just make the stock work with benelli m4 instead of having this complicated thrid party adapter?
  11. EOTech and Aimpoint, seems very expansive. I slapped on Truglo Trubrite and it works fine.
  12. Which means that if one have a collapsible-stock, there is no limbsaver that will fit since the adapter does not fully function?
  13. Lol, now I'm even more confused. The reason why I'd like to get limbsaver 10810 is because it seems that it can reduce the recoil a bit more, perhaps with the newer design. So if it also fits, then my plan is to buy that.
  14. That's good and all, but will 10810 fit with the adapter?
  15. Hello all, I'm thinking of replacing the stock buttpad on the stock with limbsaver, I went to limbsaver website and I was wondering model 10810 will fit on the M4. Thanks edit: meant to type c-stock in the title.
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