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  1. My newly purchased M4 says IT21 also. What does IT21 mean ?
  2. Thank you Filthy & Alpha The Briley looks good also. Will see how the Impact Light Attachment device works. Can easy see the Briley being tried out also. This reminds me of the elusive hunt for the best Holster.....ha..... all good and fun stuff ! gamboolman....
  3. Gorlami, Thanks for the advice. I'm off to Impact Weapons and Freedom Fighter to look see. Much appreciated. gamboolman..... ETA - just ordered the Mount as shown below from Impact Weapons Thanks !
  4. New member to the Forum and just got a M-1014. I'm wanting to attach a Weapon Light. I have used Search Function - but not having much Joy on finding Options for mounting Weapon Light? Would appreciate any advice and help from yawl. Thanks, gamboolman....
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