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  1. Whats the advantage of this part besides being 922r compliant?
  2. That is exactly why I started this thread. I got a definitive answer and found an awesome gunsmith that fixed my problem. Cost for Steve at RAS to cut, crown, touch up finish and return ship is $75. It takes a couple of weeks.
  3. Just a quick before and after:
  4. It's amazing, I love it. I have the factory collapsible stock. Just wish someone still made a picatinny handguard.
  5. I just wanted to thank Steve Rose at Rose Action Sports for shortening up my barrel properly. Final product looks great, and he even touched up the finish so it's not bare metal. I highly recommend Rose Action Sports if anyone else needs this done. Just so this is documented somewhere, my measurements for a flush fitting barrel: Barrel should extend no further than: 23/32'' from base of mag tube hanger 3/8'' from base of front sight Taken with a tape measure but I checked it about three times. I believe this is where Steve cut my barrel and it looks perfect. Thank
  6. Wow, thanks for the inside info! That's crazy. No consistency and no reason for it. I'll see if someone can mill down my barrel to the correct length since finding a correct barrel seems to be a crap shoot. I don't see why they couldn't import just the correct barrels and assemble them here. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks guys. Yes, this is a factory item. @Unobtanium Are you saying for sure they changed the design?
  8. I have an M4 with SKU 11724 (14'' SBS). The barrel sticks out about half an inch past the magazine tube. Looking online, I can see some models do this but others, with the same SKU, the barrel sits flush with the end of the magazine tube. Anyone know what's up with this? Was the barrel changed at some point? If so, why? Thanks.
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