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  1. I have not put the old barrel back on because I no longer have it. I traded a guy with another M1 S90 for his barrel. Nothing has been taken apart other than the barrel itself since it last worked properly. I also should mention that this problem occurs with snap caps, 2.5" and 3" shells.
  2. Ok, so I switched out my 24" factory barrel for an 18" factory benelli barrel. Ever since, it will not "auto" feed the next round. I have tried everything and it does this when shooting, or cycling by hand, which it used to feed with the old barrel by hand and with shooting. Is this barrel maybe causing my problem? Did I do something wrong when re-assembling? It seems to shoot fine, but just won't auto feed. If I press the silver/red button, it will feed the next, but then not the one after, unless I press the button again. I don't think I should be having to press that button every time. Please Help!! I am a NEWB to Benelli's.
  3. Sorry, I hadn't been on here since you psted your reply. I am still willing to trade if you are. Mine is smooth bore, however it is threaded for chokes. Does yours accept chokes? Please email me or call [email protected] G mail.com 843-271-1161 --Jon
  4. Still nobody out there willing to trade?
  5. keep0njeepin0n

    M1 super90

    What kind of barrel do you have now, and would you be willing to trade? I have a 24"
  6. Ok, so it's been a few months now...I'll bump this and try it again...anybody willing to trade?
  7. Fair enough, let us know if you change your mind!
  8. How about a trade for an M1 S90 non tactical with a 24" barrel....you don't need 2 tacticals, but you could use another for hunting! Let me know!
  9. Dang that really sucks...he had it listed for $175 brand new! Oh well, thanks guys!
  10. Are you trying to replace a pistol grip stock? If so, I'll trade you mine!
  11. This is the pistol grip stock correct? Will it fit the M1 S90???
  12. Here is what the title says if this helps WTS: NEW H&K HK Benelli 121M1 121 M1 Barrel 19.5in So my question is, will this fit my 2002 M1 S90?
  13. Trying to buy a barrel for my 2002 model M1 S90.....will a M1 S90 Barrel from an HK import still fit....guy says it.s a 19.5 inch barrel. Please let me know ASAP!!
  14. I have a 24" barrel on my M1 S90 that I'm willing to trade for a 18.5". My trade: Great condition, front bead sight, smooth bore all original! Your trade: Good/Great condition, smooth bore, any sight option is fine as long as it means no gunsmithing to fit my gun, must use factory benelli chokes. My gun was manufactured in 2002 so if this matters on whether or not it will fit, now you know. Again, I do NOT want to have to do any gunsmithing for this to work, I just want to do an even trade!
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