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  1. Thanks for all who responded. I contacted Benelli and was told that my set up was perfectly fine. Was informed that what ever is comfortable and works best is how it should be set up. I did try it straight out of the box and was hitting 2 of five traps, consistently missing high. Yesterday I went out after confirming that I would cause no damage to the gun and leaving my set up mentioned as above and was dead on, hitting about 80% to 90% at 30 yards (Impressive for me). C Drop shim really gave me better sight of the figure 8 bead pattern, without seeing nearly as much barrel rib, which I think
  2. Thanks! I appreciate the knowlage and response! I have always owned guns with no stock configuration options... Very new to me. I have read the owners manual forwards and backwards and have the gun set up from reciever to butt as follows C(DropShim)-SX(Cast Shim)-STOCK-CSX(Stock Locking Plate) then washer, bolt and recoil pad. With all the letters facing the recoil pad. I hope this is correct. I just cant seem to grasp the cast settings.. I am right handed and the SX which is listed as left handed seems to fit me better! SX is from what I read Cast On for right handed shooters. My gun looks
  3. Hello to all! Proud new SuperNova owner here. If I am right handed, should I only use Stock Locking Plate (DX)? From what I have read this plate gives curviture to the stock, receiver with butt towards shoulder instead of (SX) which gives stock curviture from reciever with butt towards chest.... It seems if i use the (DX) plate I have to readjust my cheek more so over the stock which is very uncomfortable and inaccurate. If i use (SX) plate the curviture allows for a more flush mount of cheek to the stock and aligns my eye better to the sights. SO IF I AM RIGHT HANDED CAN I USE PLATE (SX) = LE
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