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  1. I know this is a silly question but I thought I would ask it anyway. I have a SBEII turkey gun in the advantage timber pattern and just love it. I would like to get a 20 guage 24" M2 for my son and daughter to start to turkey hunt with but cannot seem to find one. Does anyone have a Benelli 20 Guage in Advantage Timber that they would like to sell. or Here is the dumb question. Could I buy a separate 20 guage barrel and put it on the 12 guage Benelli that I already own. When I look at the Benelli 20 guage pictures it looks to me as though it is just a smaller barrel
  2. Thanks for the info. I was advised that they had two in stock but the price is $534.00 which is way too high for me. I guess I will search for one used. Thanks Bill
  3. Hello: I bought a SBE2 turkey gun that came with the Steady Grip stock. I would like to buy a comfortech stock for my gun. I am looking for one with the Realtree Advantage Timber camo pattern. Anyone know where I can get one of these and how much do they usually go for? Thanks Bill Kemp [email protected]
  4. Thanks again for the info on the barrel. It has already been delivered to my friends place and from what he is telling me it is a beauty. Regards Bill
  5. Thanks for the info. I went to the gunbroker website, there was one being auctioned off and only had 51 minutes left in the auction. I was able to create a user id and then bid on it and won the auction getting the barrel for $480.00 US. A huge savings since they want almost $800.00 Canadian for the same barrel here in Canada. Thanks for the info. Bill
  6. I would like to get a rifled slug barrel to go on my Benelli SBEII camo turkey gun. Anyone know where the cheapest place to get one is and who has them in stock. Thanks Bill Kemp email [email protected]
  7. I do not know the term. Can you make the length of pull (I think it is called) longer? I placed the stock in the bend of my elbow and measured where my finger goes across the trigger. It is between the first and 2nd. joint of the trigger finger. I take it from this that I could use a longer stock. Am I correct? Thanks Bill
  8. Hello: Does anyone know if the steady grip stock can be adjusted in any way. New to the Benelli world and thought I would ask. Thanks Bill
  9. Hello: I would like to ask about how things are sized with turkey chokes. I bought my Benelli SBE II and the guys threw in a Mad Max II turkey choke (not ported). It states that the constriction is a .660 constriction. I would like to use the Federal Premium High Velocity turkey load that has the flite control wad. They state that the restriction should be .665 or larger. See below info: Revolutionary Flitecontrolâ„¢ wads stay with shot longer, providing more pellets on target, and 30% tighter patterns than traditional wad systems. Copper-plated buffered shot for dense, tight
  10. A Benelli Super Black Eagle II (Advantage Timber camo pattern). I have the steady grip stock on it. Thanks Bill
  11. I am planning to go to New York in a few weeks. Anyone have a lead as to where a good place would be to pick up one of the rifled barrels in advantage timber. Like most of us, price is always the decision maker. Bill
  12. Thanks very much for the info. I will have to do some more research about sight's as I do not want to make a decision that I would regret down the line by rushing things. Thanks again. Bill
  13. Hello everyone: I would really like to get a sight for my new SBE II but would like to ask your opinions about the following two sights. 1. Burris Speed Dot 135 (It does come in Advantage timber that would match my SBE II) 2. Burris Fastfire Sight. I do not think that this comes in Advantage Timber (yet). No one shows what the size of the dot would be or if it is a cross hair style. Also can you change the type of pattern that shows up on the screen or change the size of the dot for when you are shooting longer distances. If you have one can you please give your op
  14. Hello: I just purchased a SBE II with the steady grip up in the Orillia area of Ontario. Bass Pro had it for $2195.00 Canadian, and all other stores could get it for me for around the same price. The best I could do was to get Bass Pro to give me a 10% discount. Anyway, a girl at work advised me of a store in the Orillia area called Elwood EPPS named after a famous Canadian Shooter. All said and done I called up there and they had 3 of the Benelli's with the 24" barrel, Advantage Timber camo, with the steady grip. They wanted $1495.00 Canadian. What a great deal for the gun
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