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  1. Cody H


    finally got me benlli sbe2 as a early birthday present. 26" barrel an apg camo. Best gun ever.
  2. a plain nova doesnt have comfortech and a super nova has comfortech
  3. i have a nova and i love it. my dad borrowed a super nova and i hated it because of how bulky the trigger guard was. the only thing that i like more about the super nova is the pump has no wiggle and the nova's pump is very wiggly. but im getting an sbe2 sometime this week.
  4. Cody H


    is the sbe2 worth the money? Im looking at getting that or the super vinci. which one should i get?
  5. whats the better gun of thse two and why? Just looking for some opinions.
  6. im having a hard time deciding on a sbe2 or a sv. I will use the gun turkey hunting, hard core water fowling and pretty much anything that flys and is legal in America i will be hunting. My gun will be in freezing temperatures sometimes and also around water alot. Im leaning more towards the sbe2 but please help me decide on the sbe2 or sv.
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