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  1. I will add my weekly update in this post. Questions, comments welcome. 10/10 - 10/16 New domain name http://shotgunscore.com A counter of all the broken targets recorded on the site. Close to 75K. Added a smarter chart, which allows you to zoom in and out. Also now scores are broken down in pages of 15. Some of you have entered hundreds. The scores table is now separated in score, equipment, environment, competition and rewards. This way you can see all your data in one place. Now you can also sort a majority of columns. This concludes the data gathering and presentation. Next you'll get more tools to help you become a more efficient shooter
  2. Hey guys, I created a score keeper website for shotgun sports. I invite you to try it out. Keep track of all your shotgun sports scores, get charts, and other fun analysis. Looking for feedback. http://shotgunnet.com
  3. My name is Andrei Erdoss and I recently launched the Shotgun Club Social directory as a FREE services to all shotgun clubs. My goal is to promote shotgun sports and increase participation at these clubs. You can help too spread the word about shotgun sports by adding a review to the clubs which you shoot at. Find your club and then add a review. http://shotgunclub.com You may post as a guest, which doesn't require registration. By posting logged in to Twitter or Facebook you promote that club to your friends and followers.
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