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  1. turkey22

    FS - 26” M2 barrel

    I have a 26” M2 20g barrel for sale. Excellent condition. 4 chokes. Asking 400 including shipping. Thanks
  2. turkey22

    Magnum Blend??

    You may have already answered this, and, forgive me if you have. Which H-13 did you have the best luck with in the 3" load, the Jellyhead .660, and the M2. Thanks
  3. turkey22

    Magnum Blend??

    How bout the 12g 3" Win. Xtd Range HD's #6's? I think they are only offered in the 1 3/4 oz load. Same choke recommendations? Haven't had that good of luck with the Hevi-Shot 2 oz 6's. Thanks
  4. turkey22

    Magnum Blend??

    What choke tube would you recommend to get those #'s? Also, did you get my last PM? TKU, Garry
  5. turkey22

    Magnum Blend??

    What is a good pellet count in a 10" circle at 40 yds? 12 Gauge, 3" Magnum Blend. TKU
  6. turkey22

    New Camo Patterns coming!!

    Hey mudhen, hope this season went well for you ? Also, sent you a pm. TKU
  7. turkey22

    Z drop shim

    LTB a Z drop shim for my 20g M2. Benelli doesn't have one. Send PM. TKU, GG
  8. turkey22

    LTT 26" M2 Barrel

    Might also be interested in purchasing a 24" or 21" barrel. Thanks
  9. turkey22

    LTT 26" M2 Barrel

    I have a 26" M2 20g barrel in excellent condition that I would like to trade to a 24" in same condition. App. one box of ammo has been shot thru it. TKU, GG
  10. turkey22

    Winchester XR or Magnum Blend

    I just hammered a 23 pounder with a 10" beard and 1" spurs this afternoon. I was using a JellyHead .660, and XR 5's in my M2. I also missed another one this a.m. by being in a hurry, it was in my lap before I knew it. This is my third turkey since Mudhen put me on to the XR's, and the JellyHead .660 last year. Good luck, Garry:)
  11. turkey22

    Center Bead ?

    Checked with both, neither has that size, or, doesn't know any one that does. I will proably cut the one that's in it flush, and, cut a slot for a screwdriver. Thanks
  12. turkey22

    Center Bead ?

    Do they make a plug screw that will fit the vacated mid bead hole? I have removed the one on my M2. It obliterates the front sight. Thanks.
  13. turkey22

    M2 20g

    Need turkey choke/load recommendation for my 20g M2. TKU
  14. turkey22

    M2 turkey choke

    Anyone know who makes the Crio Plus xtra full turkey choke for Benelli? TKU
  15. turkey22

    Vinci's plastic...

    Thanks for the info.