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  1. I have a set of 5 new flush mount Crio Plus tubes., 75.00 plus shipping. Thanks
  2. I have a 26” M2 20g barrel for sale. Excellent condition. 4 chokes. Asking 400 including shipping. Thanks
  3. You may have already answered this, and, forgive me if you have. Which H-13 did you have the best luck with in the 3" load, the Jellyhead .660, and the M2. Thanks
  4. How bout the 12g 3" Win. Xtd Range HD's #6's? I think they are only offered in the 1 3/4 oz load. Same choke recommendations? Haven't had that good of luck with the Hevi-Shot 2 oz 6's. Thanks
  5. What choke tube would you recommend to get those #'s? Also, did you get my last PM? TKU, Garry
  6. What is a good pellet count in a 10" circle at 40 yds? 12 Gauge, 3" Magnum Blend. TKU
  7. Hey mudhen, hope this season went well for you ? Also, sent you a pm. TKU
  8. turkey22

    Z drop shim

    LTB a Z drop shim for my 20g M2. Benelli doesn't have one. Send PM. TKU, GG
  9. Might also be interested in purchasing a 24" or 21" barrel. Thanks
  10. I have a 26" M2 20g barrel in excellent condition that I would like to trade to a 24" in same condition. App. one box of ammo has been shot thru it. TKU, GG
  11. I just hammered a 23 pounder with a 10" beard and 1" spurs this afternoon. I was using a JellyHead .660, and XR 5's in my M2. I also missed another one this a.m. by being in a hurry, it was in my lap before I knew it. This is my third turkey since Mudhen put me on to the XR's, and the JellyHead .660 last year. Good luck, Garry:)
  12. Checked with both, neither has that size, or, doesn't know any one that does. I will proably cut the one that's in it flush, and, cut a slot for a screwdriver. Thanks
  13. turkey22

    Center Bead ?

    Do they make a plug screw that will fit the vacated mid bead hole? I have removed the one on my M2. It obliterates the front sight. Thanks.
  14. turkey22

    M2 20g

    Need turkey choke/load recommendation for my 20g M2. TKU
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