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  1. Hahaha, that's funny. Nice bird man. Well that's good to hear, I've been hopin that someone was shootin my same setup. Im shootin a m2 but, you know, same crio barrel as the sbe2
  2. Has anyone been patterning Winchester XR or Magnum Blend through a 3" sbe2 or m2 with a .660 jellyhead
  3. Hey everyone, just bought a kicks gt .670 but now I'm not sure whether to keep it or get a tighter choke. Can anyone tell me if I can pattern with that tube and still send it back if I don't like it??
  4. Hey y'all, just bought my first turkey choke from kicks. It's a gt .670 and I'm kinda iffy about if I really want to use a choke that size or go tighter. Can anyone tell me if I can pattern the choke and still sEnd it back if I don't like it??
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