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  1. As promised in my earlier post describing my problem with the Benelli Super Vinci cycling shotshells I would post again to update on the results I got with my gun after sending it into Benelli for service. I remain happy with my Benelli though is clearly particular about the shells 1 1/8 oz shells it cycles reliably. In my follow discussion I will tell you what 1/8oz shells did work and what did not work for me in my gun. It seems to require in my gun more than 1 1/8 oz loads with 3 DRAM of powder but shells with a smoother finish as well. A little more than 3 DRAM of powder helps
  2. I bought the Benelli Super Vinci in January, 2012. I love the gun and have shot 15 boxes of 3" shells and a box of 3.5" inch shells (all Black Cloud). The gun cycled shells perfectly for the duck and goose loads, but I would like to shoot clays to practice in the off season. 1-1/8oz loads are fine for clays. The gun has gone through more than the recommended usage of four boxes of hunting loads before I attempted a 1-1/8oz skeet load. I have used it after the break in period for more than 100 skeet shots. The shells eject fine but the last shell never loads from magazine. It always
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