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  1. After working on more than 600 Benelli's in the past 10 years here is how I would approach it, if you knew the age of the gun, serial number, and how much it has been shot, overall condition, recoil spring condition, the SBE II could be a attractive purchase. Do not overlook the Franchi Affinity line however, great gun very good value. A black 3" could be purchased new for 700.00. Let me know if I can help you in any way. Mark
  2. Kyle, this version of the SBE III can be ordered online through Cabela's. Several store have them in stock. The gun is not very popular, the hunting autoloading segement has moved away from wood stock guns, for several reason. When selecting the wood version you will move away from the Comfort Tech 3 / Combtech stock. This offering features Progressive Comfort recoil reduction found on the Ethos and the 828U series Over And Under.
  3. Please send me a PM, I will be glad to help, no worries your gun will function like new. Mark
  4. I would temper my expectations with this addition, you MAY create cycling issues. I would attempt to control your through amo selection, first.
  5. These were very nice guns, I am going to PM you.
  6. What the video does not show is the Benelli Safety Plunger that sets directly under the spring. Ensure this is in place before reinstalling the spring.
  7. Yes, I do this quite frequently, you could PM me for details or email, [email protected]
  8. Yes, it is a little detailed and delicate.
  9. Please send me a PM, I can surely help you with cycling your Benelli - enertia system shotgun. Please look through my previous posts. Many cause and effect observations are noted.
  10. Hello Butch -M, thank you for the insights about about slugs, I will be sure to pass this along to my customer. As far as Wolff Springs. The 25% decrease spring was developed for shooting light field load 7/8 or 1 oz in warm weather. Benelli owners wanted a bit more flexibility in the cycling of their guns under different conditions with lighter ammunition. the 25% increase spring is used for heavier loads, cold weather which has a direct effect on the inertia system and cycling. Your 20 gauge M2 Slug Gun and the one I just repaired was sent with a 20 gauge, longer, softer spring. Could you PM me or email me about your three other questions. Thanks
  11. Hello, StrangerDanger asked some great question, light strikes can be caused by several issues. Hammer Spring, Recoil spring, cleaning, shells, etc. If you would like to PM me or email me at [email protected], I would be glad to help. Please my other posts, I have worked on several hundred Benelli's over many years.
  12. Hello Butch M, I completed the testing on a customers M2 Slug Gun today CAT. 13081 Testing was done with Remington Accutip 260 Grain Sabot Slugs 2 3/4" 1850 velocity. The gun performed flawlessly, 28 degree temps, this was done with a Wolff 25% increase recoil spring. I did buff out minor burring on the inside rail, charging handle, side. Several observations were made. The 20 gauge spring OEM is very soft, different part number that the OEM 12 gauge spring. The chamber is bored very tight, I will be taking measurement of the M2 Slug Gun bore vs a field M2 20 gauge with a precision micrometer. Knowing this I made certain every shell fell into the chamber freely, this was with the barrel off the gun pointing down. Any shell that was resistant was polished. Some Benelli "Cycling" issues can be attributed to this, such as when shooting BB's when the packing of the shot is not smooth inside of the shell case. Proper normal shouldering of the gun was precise, all optics removed from gun. If I can assist you in any way please feel free to contact me.
  13. Hello, over time the carrier latch will wear slightly, this will eventually cause the release of multiple shells from the magazine. Here is a previous post i posted to replace the carrier latch. The carrier latch can be purchased from Brownells or Midwest Gun Parts, be sure to order the correct one. I just replace 2 for customers in the past few weeks. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need more guidance. [email protected] That's great. Of course I can help you with your Carrier Latch. I'm sure the part you ordered from Brownell is the exact part number that your M2 came with. This part is a redesign since the M1. You mentioned you ordered a follower as well. The part was changed on the M2, i'm not so sure for the better. If you look at the Sure Cycle MAGAZINE kit, they have a Magazine Upgrade System for most Benelli 12 gauge shotguns. Includes a stainless steel magazine spring, red anodized aluminum follower and 3-shot plug. This kit provide a Stainless Spring a Anodized follower and a anodized plug. The anodized parts are very precise and are very well made. I personally have these in my hunting guns primarily because I was going to purchase a new spring anyway and I really like the anodized plug. When replacing the carrier latch you will need a fine drift punch to drive the carrier latch pin from the bottom through the top. When installing the new Latch and pin if you purchase one you will need to start the latch pin from the bottom driving the pin into position. This may require some a helper to hold the latch into position. Driving the pin to far into the receiver which will interfere with the bolt assembly movement. Please let me know if you need some additional guidance. [email protected]
  14. Hello Butch-M, glad to hear your Benelli functioned yesterday with the 3" shells. I am near completion with the 20 Gauge slug M2. A few observations I noticed was the OEM 20 Gauge spring, which is a different part number and is longer than the OEM 12 Gauge spring, seems pretty soft. This is in comparison to current 20 gauge Benelli that are brand new, different models. I will be testing three spring rates in the gun described with 2 3/4" Remington Premier Accu tip Slugs. I would be more than happy to share with you these results after testing early next week. Your owners manual states that 190 kilogram meter ( = 1374.27 foot pounds) is the minimum kinetic energy that a 20 gauge cartridge must generate to fully cycle the action of your inertial system (measured by manometric barrel at 1 meter from the muzzle). To capture the kinetic energy to cycle your gun the gun needs to be shouldered in a normal fashion, if you held your gun in your hands alone and fired the gun kinetic energy forces the entire receiver to the rear and your firearm may or may not cycle or close the breach bolt, likewise if you held the firearm against a brick wall, you may have similar results. The M4 uses ARGO gas system to operate and control inertia, it can be shot from many different positions, which the gun developed, end user. Please drop me a PM or a email, I would be glad to help.
  15. Hello Brady, if you would like to PM me i would be glad to help. Please review my posts they are very comprehensive. How old is your SBE 2? Have you ever cleaned out the recoil spring tube or replaced the recoil spring? Are your shells swelled, restricting entry to the chamber. Would be delighted to help you.
  16. Hello Butch -M I am currently working on a M2 Slug gun for a customer, if you would like send me a email or PM me, I think I can provide some insights. Please take the opportunity to read some of my other posts. I have been working on Benelli for many years, with positive results every gun. Sounds like your more than frustrated but here are a few insights: Benelli auto loaders do need to shoot against a firm support, shouldering your gun. Benelli auto loaders need a certain amount of driven inertia to cycle the system, try shooting a Benelli directly overhead with a slightly weak recoil spring, cold weather. In this condition the bolt is facing the force of gravity thus your energy of inertia has changed. Benelli bores are slightly tighter, are your shells falling all the way into the chamber area when the barrel is removed and the chamber is pointed up, if not your restricting or changing the force inertia when the system is delivering another shell to the chamber. If so desired please PM me or email me at [email protected], I plan to have the M2 Slug gun completed and tested this week.
  17. May want to try some testing without the optics, the weight of the optics may change how the inertia is transferring energy through your gun. In addition the 20 Gauge M2 uses slightly longer recoil spring that is found in 12 gauge models.
  18. remarkable

    Sbe3 not ejecting

    Not a lot of details to gather information from, however if you would like to send me a PM or email i'm sure I can help. I work on 50 - 60 Benelli a year. Please check out some of my previous posts.. [email protected] What kind of shells are you using - shot size etc. Did you clean the inside of the receiver and prep the bolt properly.
  19. What kind of shells are you using, be very specific, length, shot size, oz's etc... send me a email, [email protected] Mark
  20. M1014, you are right again, it was tucker 301. I always looked up to these 2 forum members. Tremendous experience, insight and a great way to put it into words. The value of the forum.
  21. Wolf makes a decrease spring as well. The gun will function very well with 7/8 as long as the weather is warm. Cold weather increases friction in the recoil and bolt system. I know it's time to change a spring when shooting in colder weather and then challenge you gun with overhead shots. This will challenge the bolt assembly when faced with the force of gravity. Don't forget to check you shells making sure they fall into the chamber unrestricted with the barrel off. Benelli bores the chamber slightly tighter to utilize the force of inertia recoil.
  22. Hey M1014, have not hit the nursing home yet, still under 50 and have worked on more than 500 Benelli. Please contact me at [email protected] and I would be glad to provide insight to any Benelli owner. M1014 has great posts as well along with one other member, can not recall the name. I'm sure M1014 would be glad to share his knowledge as well. I use Wolf springs as well. I had 2 consecutive serial numbers of M1's fail after one year. Please look at my posts for shell issues in the chamber as well. Thanks M1014 for inspiring me to post on the great Benelli forum.
  23. Let me approach this topic from three different angles: 1. As A hunter 2. As a Marketing Manager 3. As a Supply Chain Manager Your question Vinci vs SBE II: Obviously the Vinci II can shoot 3 1/2" shells, personally I don't not shoot 3.5's, however many folks do (don't understand why) so the SBE II and Vinci II appeals to a wider market segment when resale becomes a issue. Benelli has never put out a bad (shotgun) product, so I would not be concerned with operating quality and jamming issue's although I have seen many of these complaints from both gun owners on this forum. Most of these are operator and maintenance shortcomings. I personally have all of the Benelli offerings and really think its a personal choice. As far as marketing - Benelli has POSITIONED another hunting autoloader in a already crowded segment. The segement which they invented and are being challenged by the competition. A unique problem Benelli has is PRICE. All the Benelli offerings are premium priced with price points relatively close in the the premium autoloader market. Sadly, the M1 which could be the best gun of the three has price repositioned or repositioned as a entry level premium autoloader to attract a market segment based on price in the Premium autoloader segment. Benelli demographics - college educated, Income 100K plus, multiple gun owner, cuacasian male, 40 plus. Clearly, Benelli has positioned the Vince II the with a premium price that serves as a signal of quality. Benelli MUST continually challenge technology which is a precondition in the marketplace for premium price products. As a Supply Chain Manager Benelli needs to drive cost from the supply chain - it appears this is a major factor in the production of the Vinci and the market trend shift in the acceptance of a non traditional looking gun. If Benelli can drive the market to the Vinci lineage, predictability and forecasting could be more streamline which drives costs from systems. Don't get this confused with quality - these are really two different topics. Think about the reduction of parts, the refined manufacturing process that take three main parts of the gun could be completed and then send to a production line for final assembly. If Benelli can drive the entire premium gun market to the Vinci platform just imagine what options could be produced and the cost savings in single platform reduction and costs controlls. Secondly the vinci platform allows aftermarketer to produce modular parts for this gun which would drive cost down to the gun owner. Finally lets look at the evolution of the recoil spring assembly - The orginal Montefeltro did not even have a recoil tube nut to remove the recoil spring. This was added to Super 90's and latter the M1's. The m2's and SBE II's they received the easy removal butt pad a a corrosion resistant recoil spring tube and spring.... your seeing it... now the Vinci has the recoil spring as part of the operating bolt assembly. My first though was how is that little spring going to replace the original recoil spring of the after-mentioned models. The smaller the spring the easier it is to maintain tolerance that Benelli is looking for and to maintain these spec's over time. These are quality and reliability attributes that is forged in the Benelli brand. Quality perceptions are made by many factors, ease of maintenance has evolved which allowed Benelli to POSITION products in the premium autoloader segment that fits their target market. All three Benelli's the M2, SBE II, and Vinci's are all great guns. Benelli will need to continue to drive technology into their offerings to maintain product position which demands quality perceptions and premium prices.
  24. Spring replacement is sometimes very obvious yet sometimes very subtle. Quite often years of service do not effect recoil spring replacement tolerances. My original imported Montefeltro lasted more that 10 years before I even accessed the recoil tube assembly. The Recoil Tube assembly on the original Montefeltro did not even have a recoil tube fitted nut to remove the screw from the back of the recoil spring tube. I have also replaced M1 springs after 1 year, on two in line serial number guns. Most of the end of year Benelli I work on I just replace the recoil spring, they are very inexpensive and Benelli functionality is very important to the Benelli brand which is aligns directly with my reputation. On my personal Benelli's I know to replace spring when I shoot directly overhead on cold days and the bolt does not lock. This is done with a Benelli that has been refreshed with proper lube on the rails. Your inertia system will be challenged not only by the cold weather but also the force of gravity that the bolt assembly will face as it travels against the force of gravity while cycling forward just before it ejects the spent shell.
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