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  1. Does Benelli make a stepped rib for the ethos? I know the rib is replaceable and would like to get a stepped rib if possible. Thanks.
  2. Epoxy won't fix it. Not that simple......
  3. Just bought a Cordoba preformance shop and the first time I used it the POS Briley bolt closing lever now spins around 360'. No way to repair except to replace part that holds shells in the magazine thru the receiver. The lever is screwed onto the bolt release knob that is attached by riviting. The entire rivit now spins with no way to pin it. Terrible design.....
  4. Does anyone know where I can obtain one?THANKS
  5. bwana1


    Has anyone had their SBE2 ported? Did it still work ok after this was done????Thanks
  6. Now do all sbe2 non wooden stocks come with confortech?????Thanks
  7. bwana1


    Lightfield sabots are great
  8. Irony- Chenney -VP under Bush2. --Quaile- VP under Bush1....
  9. How can they say its carbon fiber if it not??????????????
  10. It feels different than a camo stock...are you certain???Thanks
  11. I think the Supersport is the best handling of the three.....................
  12. bwana1

    Cast on/off change

    I cant seem to open it----thanks anyway
  13. bwana1

    Cast on/off change

    The owners manual describes how to adjust the drop with the spacers, but nothing about cast
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