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  1. So, after removing the barrel, I just release the bolt, muscle the bolt handle out, and then I'm good? I just feel a little uncomfortable using a pliers to yank the bolt handle out. What holds it in? Thanks.
  2. Is there a more detailed manual online for the M2? I'd like to know specifically what to clean after using the gun. How do I get the bolt out? Is there anything I should NOT use oil on? btw, I absolutely LOVE this gun. I blasted up some dove in Texas this past weekend. Softest shooting 12ga I've ever shot. Thanks all in advance.
  3. I'm hunting 80% dove, 20% ducks/geese. Looking for a 12ga semi-auto. Not really interested in shooting 3-1/2 shells. Which gun is best between the Supersport , M2 & SuperEagle II??? I was leaning toward the M2 (28"/synthietic)? Also looked at the Cordoba...
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