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  1. If you're looking to mount light to mlok, go Arisaka.
  2. Really the only two must you have left are sling and light. Maybe a better oversized safety and a larger bolt release, but those and everything else is just nice to have.
  3. wolff spring is wolff spring....CC provided wolff spring is probably just precut for the length of their mag tube. If you bought a fresh spring, it's meant to be cut. Spring should be should be about 12-18" past the magazine. Cut the excess. I'd start out on the higher end (18") of that and trial and error cut till you can get the number of rounds in your magazine properly. If you cut too low, you won't get the spring strength and run into feed issue.
  4. A&S guard: https://www.briley.com/p-61125-as-enhanced-trigger-guard-benelli-breda-franchi.aspx As I understand it, Briley basically bought out their entire inventory. Additionally, if you buy their trigger, they'll assembled everything for you free if charge.
  5. Post pics when you get a chance!
  6. No problem, just soft balling what I know some more vengeful members will jump on. All good. Welcome officially 👍
  7. Profile says you joined 16 hours ago tho....
  8. The right answer... you install it while you have her in a different state and pin it so it can't collapse once you settle on which position you want the stock. There are a few methods, but the way I did it was the button pin where you drill a hole in the button, put on a set screw which you can then drop a piece of paper clip in to effectively "pin" the stock so it can't collapse, but is reversible if you ever travel to a different state.
  9. Yes... It would be illegal. You're only allowed to have one "evil" feature on semi-automatic shotguns..... Pistol grip being one.
  10. Lots of anger here. People need to chill. Thing is, both sides are probably right and it's not a simple black/white situation. Some were wronged and some had no issues. Each side will represent their own experience till their dying breath, because that's their own PERSONAL experience. Both sides have spoken their case and we can continue to toss anecdotals to the fire.
  11. Just picked up a few boxes of Black Aces slugs and 00. Will see how well it runs.
  12. Screw on the end of your 7rd for mega tube!
  13. It's been out of stock since spring. I just got super lucky to score one.
  14. Yes, that pic was just to illustrate the point of how tight the tolerance is.... I know the tube bulge is receiver end. Really you'd mainly run into issues if you use something like the Briley CF tube as there's a very minor lip bridging the CF to metal material transition.
  15. Here's the thing with Benelliparts.... If you adjust your expectations from thinking he's a business to thinking he's an ebay/etsy/garage sale dude.... People wouldn't be so disappointed.
  16. Just post... I don't really see any mods.
  17. You could probably just mask the titanium screws with a sharpie or a drop of plastidip. Yes.
  18. There's actually a set on sale right now on Calguns if interested.
  19. Comes down to training I guess. I naturally look past the irons for the dot now so doesn't impact me. Would probably have a harder time with quick acquisition the other way around if I ever do need the backups, but at least I have that option.
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