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  1. Just post... I don't really see any mods.
  2. You could probably just mask the titanium screws with a sharpie or a drop of plastidip. Yes.
  3. There's actually a set on sale right now on Calguns if interested.
  4. Comes down to training I guess. I naturally look past the irons for the dot now so doesn't impact me. Would probably have a harder time with quick acquisition the other way around if I ever do need the backups, but at least I have that option.
  5. You could also cheap out and just get a flat mousepad or even a handgun gun mat. However, having round things, something with a lip like a valet would be best.
  6. I wouldn't use a micro with any other mount other than a Scalar Sync personally. Just the other day, I did a test of a spare T2 I had to see if I wanted to swap out my RMR for, but decided to just keep the RMR.
  7. I have a Wolf valet tray at home and in the office.
  8. weight of an MRO isn't going to destroy the pic rail or screws. People mount much heavier stuff on there than that. I'd be worried about getting a good cheek weld unless you get one of those urbinos with cheek adjusters.
  9. 832-512-8105 That was the number from the help desk guy.
  10. I've tried a few different grips, including fin and the JT grip is the closest to a somewhat normal ergonomics. I've got a Magpul K2+ grip waiting for outcome of Miller v. Bacerra. And yes, the BCM stock can easily be made fixed by simply flipping an internal piece and not needing to pin. There's a couple youtube vids showing how.
  11. Well since FDE is now on the table, just quickly snapped a couple of my Recce. Pardon the stupid california compliant BS.
  12. Not sure which component you're referring to, but I think you're referring to the Railscales Karve (https://railscales.us/karve-hand-stop/)
  13. Current iteration (from two posts up). Swapped my Briley handguard to the unobtanium Agency Arms one I was lucky to source, this started a cascade fitment effect with the Briley CF mag tube not fitting so picked up an OEM 7rd mag tube, then the IWC scout mount wouldn't work, so picked up an Arisaka scout mount. My 4.5" Modlite modbutton wasn't long enough to get to my thumb so need to still swap that for the 7" cord version I'm on waitlist for.
  14. ^reporting him to Benelli is kind of a dick move. Sure he might be an asshole, but he's also the only game in town for owners to get fairly rare OEM parts. I'm willing to bet many have bought and received parts from him without issue (me included) and at reasonable prices (compared to what we see on gunbroker or ebay) if you get in on pre-order. Shutting down this flow of parts would hurt the community more than help. Either way, I think this thread has really ran its course at this point.
  15. The other thing to consider is other selling platforms have various fees associated which could play a part in price variations. That said, pricing increase doesn't line up. It's been mentioned multiple times on the forums, Benelliparts is basically a dude with connects in Italy rather than a real business. As such, if I had a supply of rare and desirable parts... And Christmas bills coming up that need to be paid, I see no problem with him marking things up. End of the day, the market will speak and if he prices himself out of reason, he's going to be stuck with a garage full of parts.
  16. Yup. Placed several orders from them. Parent company actually managed Briley's website from my research.
  17. https://www.briley.com/p-61812-stage-saver-adapter.aspx https://www.briley.com/p-61731-taccom-premium-stage-saver.aspx Works great and if you get the Briley handguard, it's a perfect pairing. It's slightly off cant on my Agency handguard and my OCD won't stand for it. Save your match with that extra shot.... Or when the zombies have you cornered and you're out of ammo... Last shot for quick exit lol. $25 shipped for both
  18. You'll get that reaction often on the CF tube.... Mostly always from people who don't own M4s so don't understand how heavy a pig she is. CF tube makes a sizeable difference... Especially since its length of weight is wholly supported by your extended offhand.
  19. Because pic quad rails are soooo 90s
  20. The OEM will probably hold resale value (if not appreciate) while the Carlson won't.
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