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  1. Midway for Agency. Performance Shooting HQ for Briley.
  2. Agency handguard weighs less than Briley. Ideally I wanted to run the lighter weight handguard with the lighter weight CF tube, but not meant to be. Felt weight wise, Briley handguard +CF tube about equal to Agency handguard + OEM tube. I'll eventually get the CC titanium tube though.
  3. Here are some pics so you can see what I'm talking about
  4. Yup. I actually bought both to see which I'd like best. For my hands, I prefer the Agency over the Briley. Fit and finish are perfect for both though and you can't go wrong with either. There are a couple secondary accessory fitment differences though from a compatibility standpoint.... If you get the Agency, you won't be able to use the Briley CF mag tube and the IWC front Multi light mount won't allow any lights as the top handguard rain extends over the mount. Traded out my CF mag tube for OEM 7+1 and just kept the IWC for the sling and added an Arisaka mlok scout to mount my surefire inste
  5. Thought Ava weren't being made anymore? Both are quality tbh. Personally, prefer IWC though for lower profile.
  6. Naw, I think I'm good with the new version of TTI. I've gone through 5 different charging handles already and for me, it's the best if the bunch. If CC ever gets rereleased, that'd be the only one that would interest me.
  7. We all know the M4 is a heavy girl... so any weight savings is great. Tube itself pristine. Normal marks on threads from screwing in. Only reason I'm looking to offload is cause it won't work with my Agency Arms handguard. Retail $225+tax+ship...my price $180 shipped.
  8. This has been out of stock and is a great combat/3 gun handguard as it wraps around the barrel so when reloading, you won't burn your hand. Pretty much mint condition. https://www.briley.com/p-63643-briley-3gun-m-lok-handguard-benelli-m4.aspx Retail $275+ tax + shipping... My price $260 shipped.
  9. Out of production a long while ago. Gonna have to get lucky on secondary market
  10. aznwhip


    Wtf, I haven't checked in a while as I have fair amount of reserve, but at $2 a shot, I'd sell my stash of Federal 00.
  11. I have the padded vickers with two QD. M4 is a heavy pig... Padding helps.
  12. aznwhip


  13. That's what I did. I even ordered their bolt release and TTI shell lifter and they installed everything at once. I'd reach out to them first though to ensure that wasn't just something they did special for me though.
  14. Pro tip... If you order your guard and trigger both from Briley, they'll install everything for free. If you order the guard elsewhere and send it to them as part of your trigger group to install, they'll charge you an additional parts transfer install fee.
  15. I have the short LOP and it is seriously short.... Makes mag dumps really fun, but might not be for everyone. There's still a significant pull weight of around 6lbs so not hairpin or anything.
  16. Regardless of if you go surefire or modlight, go with the modbutton rather than tape switch otherwise you're underpowering the light.
  17. It's too beefy. I tried it with my OEM brake and wouldn't clear. Anything short of same diameter as the barrel will result it clearance issue.
  18. I've bought and tried every charging handle there is (except the ultra rare CC). I like the new version TTI the best, but this is a personal journey. The Briley handguard is good if you want to speed load and rapid fire... and not burn your hand from touching the barrel. It wraps around the top barrel which is great. If you're just casual shooter... My favorite is the Agency handguard. IWC or AVA (if you can source) paired with a scout for light/mount. Surefire or Midnight... Or Streamlight if you're on a budget. A point on the G10 on Briley handguard.. depending o
  19. Here's mine. Build list: Briley CF extended mag tube Briley Handguard Briley Bolt Release Nordic 1 shot mag extension Benelli Muzzle Brake Benelli Collapsible Stock (California Button Pinned) Limbsaver Stock pad IWC Multi Light Scout Mount IWC Buttstock QD Mount Surefire M600 Ultra Scout light Taccom Premium Stage Saver with Briley Stage Saver Adapter TTI Charging Handle TTI Shell Lifter TTI Safety Carrier Comp Follower Briley Match Trigger A&S Enhanced Trigger Guard Scalarworks Sync Trijico
  20. $70!! I'd like to know more before I drop that much on yet another handle. If somehow CC made a special run for them, I'll whip out the card... Otherwise, zero provenance makes me wary. Edit: that said... I'll probably hit them up as they're local to me to "take a look".
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